Who are you rooting for?

Throughout the world of hockey, the Red Wings are considered to be the team with the most bandwagoning, fair-weathered fans in the NHL. Us true fans obviously disagree, but that's besides the point. Today I am posting wondering, whose bandwagon are you jumping on now that the Wings are out?

Do you have a hatred for the Predators defeating us, or do you want them to win to make the division look good? Do you like the Flyers because they knocked out the Penguins? Do you like the Kings as the underdog? Do you want the Predators and Devils to make early exits to perhaps make the chances of their key free agents coming to Detroit better? Take the poll below, I'm interested to see what everyone things.

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Offer Sheets: How Aggressive Is 'Aggressive'?

The Red Wings brass, from Holland to Nill to Babcock and Devellano, have all expressed a common sentiment regarding this offseason: aggression. Enough evidence seems to have mounted for Detroit to realize that they need to adapt the team's composition and style of play to some extent to continue their success. Holland and co. have voiced plans for the team to get bigger and stronger and to be aggressive in free agency.

My question is: would/should the Red Wings consider attempting to poach restricted free agents this summer?

Can Wings Learn From Flyers or 2001 Failure?

Ryan Suter. Zach Parise. A back up goalie and some size and grit up front. We've already heard all of this from Wings pundits, but let's throw something totally insane out there; can any NHL team do what the Philadelphia Flyers did last offseason and succeed? What about the 2001 Red Wings?

Devellano Addresses Offseason Needs

Jimmy Devellano was talking on a Detroit radio station, and some interesting topics sprung up about offseason plans, and being in the thick of things, we can conclude the Red Wings will be very aggressive when pursuing free agents and adding players to the team.

Handful of Updates

In what is going to be the longest offseason in Detroit Red Wings recent history since 2006, there are still things happening that will affect the team going forward. More on Patrick Eaves' condition, the World Championship, Jakub Kindl and Dan Cleary's knee,

Ex-Red Wings Still Contributing Since 2009. Kenny's Decisions.

With the Red Wings booted out of the playoff early for the first time since 2006, questions swirl around the players, coaching, and management. During the Wings’ 21 year playoff streak, they won Western Conference Championships, Presidents Trophies, six Cup Final appearances, and four Stanley Cups. Much of the credit goes to the general manager: Ken Holland.

Grading The Wings

It's the time of year where General Managers that are not in the playoffs assess their team's talent and see what needs to be done. Writers can do that too! The Checking Line - Red Wings Edition team of Kyle Busch, Rachel Bellono, Eric Huffman, A.K Bennett, Robert D'Aurelio and Justin Doddie gave every player on the Red Wings a grade and what they thought of their seasons

Say Goodbye To...

There are several players I think Detroit would be best suited by not offering a new contract. Ty Conklin and Tomas Holmstrom may not surprise you but the other two names might.

Red Wings in World Championship

While the NHL season is over for the Detroit Red Wings, some of their players are quiting up for their respective countries at the World Championship in Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden.

Signs Point to Lidstrom Calling it a Career

The past two years, the Detroit Red Wings have waited on the most important decision from a player that would alter the plans of the team. This year is no different. Nicklas Lidstrom's contract is up again, and the 42 year old defenceman has until July 1st to let Ken Holland know what his plans are.

Chance are that he will let Holland know sooner than the beginning of free agency, but this time the signs are pointing to Lidstrom hanging up the skates.

Grinder Threads