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Target Acquired: Bobby Ryan

Bob McKenzie of TSN has reported via Twitter that "Bobby Ryan is 'available' again." Acquiring Ryan would immediately strengthen Detroit's offensive core and bring the size necessary to compete in the contemporary NHL.

Helm Inks 4-Year Deal

Detroit finally made a move of note this offseason by securing speedster Darren Helm till 2016. Helm signed a 4-year $8.5 Million contract, sources say, which gives him an average cap hit of $2.125 Million/year. This is great news, as Helm is one of the best energy players on the team--something the Wings could've used much more of during the playoffs.

Helm's season was interrupted last year by injuries, including a sliced tendon in the series against Nashville that sidelined him for the rest of the year. Surgery on the injured arm was successful, however, and Darren is expected to be ready for training camp and should be back to his old self in no time.

Evander Kane Wants Out of Winnipeg; Detroit an Option?

It's the calm before the storm. The playoffs are over and the draft is a few days away, followed by free agency. With a wekaer crop of free agents this year, there is bound to be a lot more wheeling and dealing when it comes to moving picks and players at the draft and in the offseason.

Renaud P Lavoie of RDS decided to spice things up by metioning that Jets forward Evander Kane wants out of Winnipeg;

"What's going on with the Jets ? I hear from a player on Winnipeg that Kane doesn't want to negotiate a new deal?"

If this report is accurate, the Detroit Red Wings have to be interested. With Ryan Suter number one on the radar and Zach parise at number two, they need a back up plan at forward. If they can get Suter in free agency, maybe Parise either doesn't sign with Detroit and they need another sure fire winger. Kane is that guy.

Suter's List of "Potential" Teams Does Not Exist, According to Report

Despite earlier reports that pending-unrestricted free agent Ryan Suter (NSH) has no interest in signing with an Eastern Conference team, his agent has denied that claim.

Yesterday, Comcast SportsNet’s Tim Panaccio reported that Suter had a list of teams that he would potentially be willing to talk to if his rights were dealt before July 1st. According to Panaccio’s source, there were only Western Conference teams on Suter’s list.

But in an article released by the Star Tribune’s Michael Russo, he reports that Suter’s agent, Neil Sheehy, denies that a list even exists.

Suter Interested In Red Wings

According to, Nashville Predators defenceman Ryan Suter has no interest in signing with the Philadelphia Flyers, or any other team in the East. The Front runners for Suter are said to be Nashvile, Detroit, Philadelphia and Minnesota. The Flyers wanted to upgrade their defence, but because he doesn't want to sign in the East, the Red Wings look like the top destination if he doesn't say in Nashville.

Minnesota is in the running because it is close to Suter's hometown, but they are apparently ready to throw 'crazy money' at Zach Parise of the New Jersey Devils (also of Minnesota), so does that leave room for Suter?

Offseason Plans Checklist

Now that the palyoffs are over, let the offseason begin, and boy, is it going to be a huge one for the Detroit Red Wings. Nicklas Lidstrom is retired, Brad Stuart is gone, Jiri Hudler is likely siging elsewhere and Tomas Holmstrom is pretty much toast. Let's go through some of the things that are going to happen during the next few weeks and why we should all be refreshing our web browers every ten minutes.

Family Man Brad Stuart's Rights Traded

The family man of the Detroit Red Wings has decided to set sail to his home where his wife, two sons, and step-daughter reside in California. Brad Stuart made a decision to better his family by trading his rights to the San Jose Sharks on Sunday. How will the trade affect the Red Wings? Will you miss Brad Stuart?

Geek Week: Beginning the Post-Lidstrom Era

Now that the hankie and Visine stocks among Red Wings Nation have started to recover, I thought I'd take a quick moment to recap some of the stories that have been taking place in the last week regarding Hockeytown since Nicklas Lidstrom's announced retirement. The future begins now:

(Note: This is only meant as a brief recap of some news from the past week. If there are any stories I have omitted or missed, I apologize and wish to clarify that it was not done out of malice. Enjoy!)

Thank You

So much has been said of Nicklas Lidstrom in the last day since the stalwart Red Wings defenseman and team captain announced his retirement after 20 illustrious seasons. There's the milestones, the accomplishments and accolades, and the legacy that he leaves behind--not to mention the honors yet to be bestowed on him in his life after hockey. A first ballot Hall of Hame induction is inevitable, and the only question regarding the number 5 hanging from the rafters of the Joe next year is how much we all will tear up as we watch it ascend.

I am not going to talk about all these things, as it has all been said. It has been said well and by many, and I feel my repeating much of that will do no further justice to it. Instead, in honor of our beloved Number 5, I leave this note of thanks. I feel my appreciation is the best thing for me to focus on as I still try to cope with the idea of a Detroit hockey club that does not sport the name 'Lidstrom' on the roster:

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