All is Well in Hockeytown

It may be early in the season, but it's never too early to get excited about a team that is playing up to expectations when expectations are very high. The Detroit Red Wings are one of the teams that I would say is fair to get excited about. Everything is going well right now (knock on wood of course.) Jimmy Howard is picking things up where he left off, Datsyuk has broken out of his early season funk, the third line has been fantastic in the past few weeks, and the the record for the Wings on home ice is just wonderful. It's hard to find anything to complain about.

Don't expect the team to be satisfied or get excited. Winning is fun and the team is obviously happy, but they are in touch with reality and know that it's still only November. That doesn't mean that us fans can't get excited.

The best story for the Red Wings right now is the success Dan Cleary is having. He's playing hard and it is paying off. It's hard to believe that he is second on the team in goals, but if you've been watching the Wings lately, you'll no why. The third line looks like it's going to a line that the Wings can rely on night in and night out. You can sense the chemistry no matter who is the third guy with Cleary and Modano. We already know guys like Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Holmstrom, and Franzen can score. But the list of capable scorers goes deep. Modano joining the Wings may have seemed a bit odd and wrong to some people in the summer, but he absolutely fits with the team. (No, that's not because everyone thinks all the old guys play for the Wings.) It's because he has been around. He knows what it takes to win and he has the team first mentality. That's the mentality that everyone hockey player should play with and most do, but it takes experience and success to truly live up to that.

With a great comeback overtime win over Phoenix on Monday and a dominant 6-2 blowout win over Edmonton last night, the Wings have crept up the standings to take the division lead. It's a tight battle and I expect it to be all season long. It's pretty early to be watching the standings, but it's better than being in the basement. You don't want to make things difficult for yourself.

Tomorrow night the Colorado Avalanche will be in town and you just KNOW that it will be a great game. Every game between those teams is a great game. Since I've personally had a busy week, I haven't been able to do game recaps, but I promise that I will have a Wings Avs recap. I can't wait for that game. It will be a fun one.


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Oh it will be a fun one... too bad it is the second game in a back to back situation for the Avs. Otherwise I could have seen the Avs rolling to a win! Smile