Can the Red Wings Handle the Injuries?

For the Red Wings and their fans it feels like last season all over again. The injuries seem like they just will not end. As soon as the list gets smaller, it grows again. It's a frustrating feeling, but at the same time, injuries can not be used as an excuse no matter what.

Shockingly, or maybe not so shockingly if you follow the team closely, the Red Wings remain in the race for the best record in the league. Their 64 points makes them two points behind the Vancouver Canucks and three points behind the Philadelphia Flyers.

The thing to remember is that the season is a marathon and not a sprint. Every team is going to face adversity, but it's how each team responds in the long run that really matters.

Many people wonder if the Red Wings can continue to keep up with the rest of the western conference if the injuries continue to pile up. I don't think there can be an answer to that question until we get closer to April. It would not be a surprise to see the Wings do just fine at this point of the season, but how they look down the final stretch will tell the story.

Depth is what the Red Wings will continuously fall back on. The depth of the team and the organization truly is a blessing. Players like Hudler and Filppula are who the team is going to have to rely on for quite some time. It's players like Lidstrom and Zetterberg that make you worry when thinking of March and April. Make no mistake, those two guys will always give 110%, but with them having to give even more because of the injuries, you wonder if it will start to take a toll on them.

One can only hope that weathering the storm and seeing more W's in the win column will be enough to get over the hurdle. No one wants to use injuries as an excuse because that's just not right, but you really have to wonder if we will start to see that happen with the media in regards to the Red Wings.