Detroit on April 20th


Despite the recent scoring struggles that have put the Red Wings in a 3-1 series hole, historical data suggests Game 5 should be a big game for Detroit’s hockey club.

Although April 20th is commonly connected to cannabis culture, it also has a load of other historical significance.  In 1912, April 20th marked the first Opening Day for both Detroit’s Tiger Stadium and Boston’s Fenway Park.  In 1916, another great American ballpark opened, this time Chicago’s Wrigley Field.  In 1961, the Bay of Pigs invasion by the United States failed as an attempt to take down Cuban leader Fidel Castro.  In 1999, the Columbine High School massacre resulted in the deaths of 15 students in Colorado. 

4/20 is also the birthday of Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler, artist Joan Miró, singer Luther Vandross, and actress Carmen Electra, among others.

Furthermore, the Detroit Red Wings have had great success on this date during their current 21 consecutive playoffs streak. 

The Wings are 5-1 since 1991 on this date, with all 5 wins coming on the road.  This includes a 3-0 win at Nashville, their opponent Friday, en route to the Stanley Cup in 2008.  They have outscored their opponents 21-9 on this date during the last 21 playoff appearances, including 3 shutouts.

1994 (4-0 at SJ), 1997 (3-2 at STL), 2008 (3-0 at NSH), 2010 (3-0 at PHX), and 2011 (6-3 at PHX) have all seen the Red Wings skate to victory on the 20th day of April, with a 1992 4-2 loss at Minnesota being the sole mishap.

The only question that remains is: will this 5 game winning streak on April 20th continue in 2012 and leave the Red Wings in the chase for Lord Stanley’s Cup?


-Justin Doddie (@93JustinD), whose birthday also happens to be April 20th



Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Nice statistic work, Justin. Welcome to the team!

George Prax's picture

I guess the Wings smoke the good stuff on that day like everyone else lol. Welcome to the team Justin!

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

it'll be a convenient excuse if they play like crap and lose

Justin Doddie's picture

Lol, I'm not sure if that's the secret. Thanks though Smile

Brad Butland's picture

Glad the calendar is at least on our side! Great read. Laughing out loud