Nightmares About Rinne

Some would blame countless weak shots.  Conspiracy Theorists would blame Bettman for inciting the referees to call early whistles.  Nick Lidstrom and Tomas Holmstrom would blame old age.

While there are endless scapegoats and excuses for why the Red Wings can't get the puck in the net, one thing is for sure: they will be having nightmares about Pekka Rinne long after this series is over.

Rinne has been the one player with the biggest impact for his team these playoffs, as a Vezina-caliber goaltender should be.  In the first four games of this series, Rinne has a .942 SV%, 2.01 GAA, and has played 239 out of 240 minutes his team has spent on the ice.  All of this success comes after Rinne had the best regular season of his young career, in which he played in 72 of 82 games.

Pekka is perhaps the only reason his team is up 3-1 in the series.  Detroit mustered up a mere 84 shots in their two home games, but only 3 of those slipped past the goal line to ignite the crowd.  Both games resulted in a win by the road team, and that was not by any means because of outstanding defense by Shea Weber & Co.

It is believed by some scientists that you can only dream about faces and places that the mind has seen before.  The next time a villain appears in the Red Wings' nightmares, especially those of Henrik Zetterberg, you'd better believe it has the face of the man they can not beat- Pekka Rinne.

-Justin Doddie (@93JustinD)


Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I really don't feel good about tonight's game. A loss signals some big changes

Brad Butland's picture

We have been far too easy on Rinne in this series, bottom line.