Who are you rooting for?

Throughout the world of hockey, the Red Wings are considered to be the team with the most bandwagoning, fair-weathered fans in the NHL.  Us true fans obviously disagree, but that's besides the point.  Today I am posting wondering, whose bandwagon are you jumping on now that the Wings are out?

Do you have a hatred for the Predators defeating us, or do you want them to win to make the division look good?  Do you like the Flyers because they knocked out the Penguins?  Do you like the Kings as the underdog?  Do you want the Predators and Devils to make early exits to perhaps make the chances of their key free agents coming to Detroit better?  Take the poll below, I'm interested to see what everyone things.

[Wings fans only, please.]


Who are you rooting for? (Red Wings fans)
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Justin Doddie (@93justind)