That 7th Rounder Should Help

I got up at 8 am this morning, ready for a day of action, rumours and apparently deals involving the Detroit Red Wings. Boy was I wrong.

On a day where the Red Wings don't really ever do anything expect trade for minor leaguers, the Wings went even a step lower this year and I'm not pleased at all.

Only three trades were made by one o'clock, but guess what? Detroit made one of them! This is the move that would get us a depth forward that was big, physical and could score and was named Paul Gaustad! praise Ken Holland! The best GM in the league!

But no. 

Let's ship Mike Commodore to Tampa Bay and our buddy Steve Yzerman for a 7th round draft pick. A conditional seventh round pick. And then we find out it was basically a thank you from Holland to Yzerman for getting them Kyle Quincey, so in my books it doesn't even count as a trade.

Alright then.

No one knew what the heck that move was supposed to do expect create roster room and knock of a million bucks in salary. Hey, maybe this move is to trade for another player! We have a couple prospects and picks we can move, so maybe we'll still get that forward we desperately need!

When I say desperately, you might scoff and point out the Red Wings' position in the standings. But I say to you, reader; what happened the past two seasons? That's right! The San Jose Sharks came in and beat the living crap out of our small team and eliminated us from the playoffs. Go look at the standings as of today? Detroit plays San Jose. With the exact same team as the past two years. Literally, almost the exact same team. Ian White replaced Rafalski, we have Kyle Quincey - big deal. 

This deadline, while most over analyze it, was a total disappointment for Red Wings fans, and I feel their pain. Every other team in the West made a significant move; Vancouver picked up Sami Pahlsson, Zack Kassian and Andre Gragnani, Chicago got Johnny Oduya, San Jose traded for Daniel Winnik and T.J Galiardi, and the big kicker was Nashvile, who picked up Andrei Kostitsyn, and more importantly Paul Gaustad.

I cringed when I saw the Predators picked him up. I would have been fine with any other team getting him, but the Preds? Great, now if we meet in the playoffs we can lament over how he's crushing Hudler into a pulp with one hand.

Do the Wings have issues? Is Johan Franzen being on the third line an issue? Sure as hell does. Is the lack of passion on the road a problem? How about the fact that Holland said he was going to get a depth forward and totally did not?

Listen, I understand about asking prices and all that garbage. here's the thing; if you want something, you have to give something up. Nicklas Lidstrom didn't come back just to have the same team lose again. It's one of the reasons why I thought Holland would do something, anything! That seventh round pick will really help the Wings make a playoff push!

I would have pulled the trigger on the deal Nashville made in a heartbeat. Do you know how many first round draft picks pan out in Detroit? Ask Cory Emmerton and Jakub Kindl and Thomas McCollum. Instead, it seems we grossly overpayed for Quincey, even though I love having him on our team. He should have been traded for a couple prospects at least. Save the first for Gaustad and the Wings would have been all set.

Instead we'll see Goose in a puke yellow jersey playing against us in our division. All in all, what a brutal deadline for Detroit fans to sit through. Week after week of listening to some awesome trade rumours.

If the Wings actually make some noise and win the Cup, I'll admit I was wrong. But if they get smacked around again, I'll redirect you to this blog, because that's my prediction.

I'm beginning to doubt Holland a little bit, because as my Ducks fan brother said, "Don't the scouts find their talent?" Fair point. All Holland does is take credit for the pick and resign some guys. Never makes trades, seldom makes a free agent signing that wows you. Thanks for White, but Commodore is gone now and Conklin stinks. I'm in doubting mode for sure right now.

Don't worry, though, I found a silver lining; I penciled in that conditional seventh round pick into the line-up paired with Kyle Quincey. Jonathan Ericsson sits in the stands.

Kyle Busch


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Your post and this article encapsulate my thoughts.