Babcock "Pissed"


It was draft day and everything went well for the Detroit Red Wings. Except one thing; Mike Babcock was pissed.

Why, you might ask? The Wings got the prospects they wanted. They've made the playoffs for 20 straight years. And they have a bunch of salary cap room for free agents.

It seemed that babcock's frustration reached a boiling point, and clearly he doesn't like the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks have been a thorn in the Wings for two straight years, knocking them out of the Western Conference Semi-Finals each year. So when the Sharks announced their trade on draft day, Babcock probably gave the Sharks table the death stare the rest of the day.

San Jose acquired defenceman Brent Burns and a second round pick from Minnesota for Devin Setoguchi, Charlie Coyle and a first round pick.

“They just hit a home run,” Babcock said of the Sharks. “That’s a gold medal pick. I’m pissed off.”

And a home run deal it was. The Sharks have been searching for that defenceman for a long time. Sure, they have Dan Boyle, but after that it's all those heart and soul guys. But Brent Burns has talent that San Jose needs to get over their palyoff failures.

Detroit needed him too. With Brian Rafalski's retirement, they desperately need a number two defenceman. I am not sold on Niklas Kronwall just yet, although he is a very good player. I think that Burns would have been a terrific fit in Detroit. He's young and has some sweet moves which he could use in the shootout.

Some people are speculating that Babcock's anger is to do with Ken Holland not getting him those big time players and getting old guys like Jaromir Jagr, potentially.

If I was Babcock, I would be frustrated too. Why the heck are you wasting time trying to sign Jonathan Ericsson for a billion dollars? Get to stepping and get me some real talent!

His statements truly indicate that Detroit pushed hard to get Burns from Minny, but they couldn't compete with San Jose's offer. The most Detroit could afford to lose was a player like Valterri Filppula, a draft pick and possibly a prospect. Setoguchi is way over Filppula's head, and they gave up a first rounder and a first round pick from the previous year (Croyle). 

When it comes down to it, the Wings just missed out. Now they need to turn their attention to the rest of the palyers in line like James Wisniewski and Christian Ehrhoff (now that Kevin Bieksa resigned with Vancouver). Forget about Jagr for now, he wants to go to the forsaken land in Pittsburgh anyways. Get some young, raw talent in here to give Babcock some support and maybe the Wings can pull through San Jose this year. Third time's a charm.

Kyle Busch


Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

He has a right to be pissed. I really thought the Wings were going to make a move for Burns. He is a good defenseman and Detroit could have easily accepted his salary. I would bet they are after Wisnewski or Pitkanen now, both solid two way defensemen.

And I happen to live in that god foresaken land that is Pittsburgh, haha.
Nice article Kyle.

George Prax's picture

That said, do the Wings have a Setoguchi, first round prospect AND a first round pick to give up? It would have needed to be something like Helm, a top prospect (Tatar?) and their first round pick, and I'm not sure Burns is worth that to the Wings, even if he's better than Wiz or Pitkanen or who ever.

Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

No, frankly Burns is flat out not worth that much to begin with. The Wings were going to have to offer something, but at that price he was nowhere near worth it.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Well like I said, they didn't have anything to offer. So can't cry over spilt milk. I just think they need to push hard for some young talent.

Phil T's picture

Wisniewski, a solid 2-way defenseman? I'd say he's more of a solid 1-way defenseman

Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

Solid Phil, not great or even good, just solid.

George Prax's picture

Solid doesn't mean good now? Where I come from it means better than good. Either way, he can't be described as a two-way anything.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I thought solid = good. We need a hockey terms dictionary it sounds like.

Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

I always used solid as basically saying capable, but nothing special. You know he is not bad, not good, just solid.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

It's just like brutal = terrible. Same deal.

nowhere's picture

I'm not frustrated with this. San Jose has given up forward depth in Setoguchi, a high end prospect in Coyle, and a first rounder. All this for a player that could sign elsewhere next off season. I say no thanks - let SJ overpay.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

It still would have been nice to have a player like Burns. I bet he resigns in San Jose anyways.

Truk Sacul's picture

Sooo, just to be clear Kyle, you... do like Ericsson?

Phil T's picture

He's got a poster of him in his bedroom

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I'll give you one guess Truk!