Brunnstrom Low Risk, High Reward

When news that Fabian Brunnstrom had signed a tryout contract with Detroit broke, I immediately thought the Wings were out of their minds. But after a while, I realized that of all the teams in the NHL, Detroit is usually the one players go to to revitalize their careers. Detroit is a town of second chances, as evidenced by tryout players like Dan Cleary, Mikael Samuelsson and second-time Wings Jason Williams, Todd Bertuzzi, Darren McCarty and Dominik Hasek, just to name a few.

So why is this Brunnstrom tryout such a great idea? Well, first of all, he was the guy they wanted in Detroit instead of Ville Leino. Brunnstrom chose Dallas over the Red Wings and Canadiens. He scored a hat trick in his first game but didn't  pan out like people thought he would thereafte. Maybe it was just a player in the wrong situation.

This time around, Brunnstrom knows what he has to do. This might be his last crack at an NHL team. Is he willing to go to the AHL for a year if it helps him make the Wings? The answer may very well be yes, because he turned down contracts from prestigious Swedish clubs like Farjestad  - which he played for before signing with Dallas - and HV71. 

Brunnstrom is only 27, which is when a player starts to come into his prime. He would be competing for the last few spots on the Wings roster with Cory Emmerton and Jan Mursak. 

Has good NHL size and blazing speed. He can put a lot of pressure on opposing defensemen with his skill, and can score highlight-reel goals. On the other hand, he lacks consistency, especially in terms of his commitment to playing defense, and needs to shoot the puck more while keep his game simple. Therefore, Detroit is the perfect place for Brunnstrom to try and revive his career. Cleary redefined his game with the Wings from a scorer to a checker and look at him now; he's a second line guy. Brunnstrom can learn how to deal with the pressure, because in Detroit, if you're young, there is no pressure. They have a great core of palyers that carry the load while young guys can grow with the team and learn before they blossom.

This tryout is low risk, high reward. If Brunnstrom flops, it doesn't cost Detroit anything. If he impresses, he will likely sign a two way contract for a year and go from there. I have a feeling he will be in a Detroit uniform soon. 

I mean, really. Ville Leino is making over $4 million a year. I bet Brunnstrom can get to this level fast. Because he's in Detroit.

Kyle Busch


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Detroit is making a very smart move with this tryout, i also have a feeling that he will end up a wing by the time season starts. If not and he has a good showing at camp, look for other teams to give him a contract.

This also reminds me a little of the Kostitsyn deal from last year, if it works it works and if not nothing lost.

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It's too bad he didn't pan out in Toronto either. Though honestly he didn't get much of a chance. He didn't seem good enough to play top 6, but wasn't good enough defensively to play bottom 6. As greg said, Detroit is making a smart move with minimal loss potential. The worst that could happen is he plays 1 year at league minimum and he doesn't pan out. Though he still has the potential to score in this league. Good move IMO.

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he didn't play a single game for the Leafs, so I think that isn't a chance at all. He has what it takes. Detroit could be the place that he redefines himself