Coaching Situation Gets Interesting

The mustache is gone.

Via Twitter today, Bob MacKenzie reported that Detroit Red Wings assistant coach Paul MacLean is the last details of signing a deal that will see him become the Ottawa Senators head coach.

The are expected to formally announce MacLean as their new head coach at a news conference on Tuesday.

MacLean has spent the last four seasons as an assistant coach to Mike Babcock with the Detroit Red Wings. MacLean's playing career spanned 11 years with stops in Detroit, Winnipeg, and St. Louis.

He will become the Senators' ninth head coach since the team re-joined the NHL in 1993.

MacLean is filling the void left by former Senators head coach Cory Clouston. He was relieved of his duties on April 9 by Ottawa general manager Bryan Murray.

This move makes Detroit's coaching situation even more interesting. Brad McCrimmon left after the playoffs ended and took a head coaching job in Russia's KHL. With McCrimmon and MacLean both out of the loop, Detroit will be looking for two new assistants.

Some names that have been floating out there have been Bob Boughner and Pete DeBoer. Babcock wants "new ideas" and these guys certainly would. They are both very young and are from Windsor, right across the river from Detroit.

In Boughner's situation, he left the Columbus Blue Jackets because of family reasons. Detroit is 15 minutes away from where he lives, so he would be home more often. It just makes sense. And seeing that he wants to be an NHL head coach, he should probably look at what has happened to recent Wings assistants; Todd McLellan is coaching San Jose, MacLean is going to Ottawa, Dave Lewis even ended up a coach with Detroit and Boston, and McCrimmon is making the big bucks in Russia (even though he was in some head coaching talk as well).

DeBoer had a rough go in Florida as the Panthers' head coach, but let's face it; he was coaching Florida. He was very productive with the Plymouth Whalers, Kitchener Rangers and Oshawa Generals (whom he owns). I think he will be able to coach the forwards of the Wings, especially with more young talent coming in. Having Boughner as a defensive coach will be huge for him; he can pick Nick Lidstrom's brain (pending Lidstrom returns).

The rumours about Boughner and DeBoer feels right to me. They would be a perfect fit for Detroit and it would be the fastest way back to an NHL head coaching job.

Kyle Busch


Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

This is shocking, but really shouldn't be. Who wouldn't go after a coach from an organization that embodies strength and consistancy? DeBoer would be a great choice, alot of people tend to think that once a head coach, always a head coach and blah blah blah. I know the Pens picked up Granato from Colorado and couldn't be happier. The wings will be fine, although they are about to go through a serious overhaul with all of the retirements and free agents that think they are worth more (cough ericson cough).

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Thank you Chuck! Finally someone who thinks Ericsson is overrated and it isn't just me! But yeah, the Wings should be fine. They've had new coaches consistently. I think it brings a breath of fresh air into the locker room.

Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

Yah, plus who knows. Maybe Nick goes straight behind the bench after he retires. But when you have a great GM and organization, its not hard to recruit the best coaches.

Also, Ericsson was a stud in 5 or 6 games against Pittsburgh in the cup finals a few years back, but he hasn't improved at all since then.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

2009 was his best year, since then his stats might be better, but playing with Lidstrom will do that to you. He's been brutal ever since.

George Prax's picture

With a few aging players on their way out, I think it would be an interesting move if the Wings did what the Isles are doing and put one of those players behind the bench like Doug Weight.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

It's reported DET has no intentions of putting Draper behind the bench. Lidstrom is a different situation.