Conklin In, Datsyuk Out


Jimmy Howard has 99 wins in his young career, but tonight he won't get a chance to get to triple digits. Reports have Ty Conklin making his second consecutive start for the Red Wings tonight against the New York Islanders.

Conklin stole the show in a 3-2 overtime win against the Blackhawks in Chicago. He stopped Jimmy Hayes on a penalty shot after allowing two early goals and shut the door the rest of the way, paving the road for Pavel Datsyuk's overtime winner.

Datsyuk will not be in the line-up tonight because of a lower body injury. Ken Holland said that the injury is "not serious." Fox's John Keating reports the injury as a groin strain sustained on an open ice hit in the Chicago game. Ultimately Datsyuk finished the game, so it's probably just a maintenance day.

Even Datsyuk was joking about it, "Secret information. KGB (Russia's FBI) tell me, don't tell nobody." 

Clearly Datsyuk is not seriously hurt, and hopes it will "be only one game."

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Kyle Busch


Eric Huffman's picture

As much as I would like to see Howard get 100, I already know it's going to happen soon. Conklin needs more time on the ice, even if he hasn't racked up enough wins for my comfort. Getting that experience is the only way he can get better.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Haha experience at 35! I think we're in trouble if he doesn't have it at his age lol

Rachel Bellono's picture

I totally agree haha. Do you think Babcock put Conklin in again because Howard didn't play as amazing against Chicago and Toronto? Because when Howard was asked about not being put in tonight, he said it was the coaches decision and that was really all he said. I was wondering if Babcock is like trying to make a point to Howard other than just giving him a break? What do you guys think?

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I think Howard knows he's way better than Conklin. And to be frank, Howard hasn't played bad all year. Imagine if he was playing like last year. I think we just need to be grateful he's top of the league. He can't bail out the team if they play like crap every night and it caught up to them. It's not his fault.

Rachel Bellono's picture

Well obviously he knows he is better and he has played well all year. I am one of Howard's biggest cheerleaders, so trust me I totally agree with you. But, the game against Chicago and Toronto he let in some goals he normally would be able to save. I guess I was just asking if you thought that had anything to do with it...

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Interesting question, but probably not. Babcock said he's going to start Conklin more. If you figure they kept going the rate they were playing him, he would play only 10 games. Therefore Howard is in for 72, which is a lot. I think he'l prob get into 68-70 by the time the season is over. Also, a funny thought for you; if Howard WAS sat because of his performace, why the heck is Ericsson still in the lineup? lol

Rachel Bellono's picture

Haha Kyle, you would ask that question... that very brilliant question.