Datsyuk for Dummies: Why is he Unreal?

Pavel Datsyuk was incredible against the Phoenix Coyotes in the first round. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone because he's played like that all year. Now that the Wings get some national exposure in Canada (CBC) and the US (NBC), people are noticing Datsyuk for what he is; a god on skates.

For such a small guy, he has really gotten strong on the puck the last few years and throws his weight around. He won the Lady Byng trophy four times in a row, but this year tried something else and fought Corey Perry in his very first game.

He lead the league in takaways and was at the top for blocked shots on the Wings this year. Add that to his dazzling highlight reels and you have a complete player.

So why has he been so good against Phoenix? The biggest reason is fairly obvious: Henrik Zetterberg is out of the lineup. Datsyuk has played way more than he did in the regular season, and the Coyotes defence got a steady diet of Datsyukian dekes and decks throughout the series.

How about that between-the-legs play in Game 2?


Plus he had this beauty:


I guess he likes the song "Bottoms Up" because he's clearly singing it at the end. Which brings me to my next point; the guy is a joker. If you listen to his interviews he always has something funny to say, whether its his phone going off and singing to the ringtone, taking the microphone and interviewing the reporter, or just his thick Russian accent makes it funnier than it is.

So whats there not to like about the guy? Only one thing; 29 other teams screwed up in 1999 and didn't pick Datsyuk, therefore he isn't on your team, and you hate his dangerous skill level. And Datsyuk would just smile at you and turn you inside out and bury a highlight reel goal, and now you're on TSN's highlight of the night being embarrassed. That's the only reason to hate him. So to whoever the Wings play in the next round, have a fun time. You know Pavel will. And when he's having fun the other team loses, which is exactly what we want.

Kyle Busch


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The guy's a beast. He obviously doesn't have the stats this season to be nominated for the Hart but he's definitely the most valuable player on the Wings (or at least standing right by Lidstrom's side in that regard) and he's one of the most exciting offensive players in the league. It's truly remarkable. Good blog!

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We done??? You give me $5. Wink