Eaves in a Pickle

Patrick Eaves took a slapshot in the head a month ago and still is sidelined with a fractured jaw. His estimated time out was 6-8 weeks, but it could be longer. An inside source says that Eaves might have a punctured sinus (6 months after surgery to heal) and is having trouble with migraines. Eaves has also had concussions in the past.

Add him to the growing list of players with head injuries.

It's not a good sign for Eaves, who was very effective last year on a line with Darren Helm and Drew Miller. This year he hasn't been given a chance. For whatever reason he was left out of the lineup for lesser players like Fabian Brunnstrom.

Eaves was a first round pick, and while he isn't the type of player he was supposed to be when he was drafted, he is a great checking line player who goes out with reckless abandon every shift and isn't afraid to get in a scrap.

I think Eaves is a heart and soul type of guy that teammates respect, and with a situation like this, as with every head injury, you just never know. Detroit gave him a chance to reinvent himself after he failed in Ottawa and Carolina, but it might be the end of the line of his stay in Hockeytown after the season is up.

With all of the young talent coming up, there might not be room for him. Already the roster has seen rookies like Cory Emmerton, Gustav Nyquist, Tomas Tatar, and Joakim Andersson take to the ice in his absence. Eaves was a healthy scratch at the beginning of the year and even when he was playing well he would get taken out the next game.

Eaves' contract is until 2013-14. He still has time here, but this injury may derail his career. Detroit can only hope for the best because when Eaves is at his best he's a force to be reckoned with.

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Kyle Busch


Rachel Bellono's picture

You forgot Brendan Smith! Love that guy.

I like Eaves, I would like to see him get chance. However, I am afraid you are right. There is a lot of young talent that have shown they can make the cut, so will Eaves? Guess we will found out...

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I meant more for forwards, Smith has no impact on if Eaves plays or not. Given the chance, Eaves has experience and I think he has a role on the team. He still has a contract so the major issue is his recovery.

Rachel Bellono's picture

Yes, you are right. I was unaware that was what you were aiming at. Hopefully he recovers well.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

He should be good to go in three weeks, but you figure you lose maybe 10-15 pounds because your jaw is wired shut. He has to get to game condition first, so it could take a little longer.

A.K. Bennett's picture

It depends how much conditioning work he's been doing. Stuart was able to return quicker than expected last year because he was back on the ice even before he jaw was unwired.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

From what I'm hearing, he's having serious issues and can't sleep. For the brain to heal, it has to shut down for a while. I've heard he's met with a neurosurgeon and they might put him in a medically induced coma to try and help him heal.