High Five

Wow. What can you say? The Mule did it again. Johan Franzen scored a whopping five goals against the Ottawa Senators and the Detroit Red Wings slugged out a 7-5 victory. Ottawa lost it's 8th straight game.

Franzen's five goal night is the first in Detroit since Sergei Fedorov turned the trick agsinst the Capitals in 1996. The only other 5 goal scorer was then Minnesota WIld Marian Gaborik against the Rangers. Ironically Fedorov and Gaborik both turned out to play for the team they lit up, but hopefully not the Mule.

There really isn't anything to say. Throw a rookie goalie in the net in Robin Lehner and the Wings picked him apart. Although Jimmy Howard looked shaky to me, he still got the W and that's all that matters. Franzen scored four goals in Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals last season, but the five goal night is something he will remember forever.

Another notable: Henrik Zetterberg's streak of 87 games with between two to four shots on goal was snapped tonight (he had one). Bet you didn't know that. And the fact that it was 87 games makes me cringe now that I think about it.

Kyle Busch


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That was ridiculous

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Franzen is ridiculous. Couldn't have done it against a move convenient team either Smile

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i was speechless