Injuries Are Not an Excuse

I'm not buying the 'Red Wings have too many injuries' argument any more. This might be the shortest recap I will ever write. Injuries are part of the game. Everyone is a pro hockey player. Battle through adversity. Play hard, grind it out and win by getting scrappy.

The Detroit Red Wings looked like the dead things in an embarrasing 4-0 loss to the lowly Anaheim Ducks and did none of those things mentioned above.

Since I'm not feeling like thinking about this game that much, here's a list of things that I learned about our boys in red tonight/thoughts that came across my mind:

1. They played like the softest team in the league

2. Joey MacDonald is evolving into Ty Conklin, giving up terrible goals. Like the same fall-on-your-ass-move-kicking-your-leg-out-even-though-you-know-the-guy-is-cutting-in-for-a-wide-open-net-move

3. It's the first time since 1997 that the Ducks shut out the Wings and first time ever at home

4. Johan Franzen is garbage and is clearly going through the motions. Give me Hossa. Please

5. Brendan Smith is taking advice from Ericsson. He coughed it up beautifully. It's a rookie mistake so I won't kill him for it.

6. The powerplay is the most embarrasing moment of every game

7. If the Arena isn't named after a famous boxer, the Wings suck in it

8. "Lidstrom can never retire" - A.K Bennett

9. Pavel Datsyuk is the offensive motor that keeps Detroit going. No Pavel = No goals

10. How is Dan Cleary in the NHL?

11. Lidstrom was a damn good colour analyst in the second period. I bet he left halfway through the game after watching this pig slop.

Nick Palmieri scored two goals (his 3rd and 4th of his career), Bobby Ryan scored on a wide open net (great coverage by Franzen) and Teemu Selanne got the game winner on his 1400th point.

Detroit didn't score. See you next game.

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Kyle Busch


George Prax's picture

I understand you're upset, but I love how you basically just gave up on half the team.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

No where did it say anything about giving up. There was no effort and it's just brutal to watch when you know these are NHL players. Literally no one has shown up for three straight games.

George Prax's picture

Okay, switch "gave up" with "threw under the bus" Tongue

This team just broke the record for most consecutive home games won. You didn't think there would be a bit of a lull? I haven't watched these games but it sounds a little harsh to say Dan Cleary isn't an NHLer after everything he's done, or that Mule sucks.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

You clearly haven't watched the past three games. They've been terribly bad. Like unreasonably bad. We know Cleary is hurt, but he's a fringe third liner at best playing on the second line. Franzen however is an enigma. He has all the tools and shows no effort. The only thing I can think of is he's hurt and told nobody.

George Prax's picture

But you can agree that they SHOULDN'T be this bad, and clearly aren't this bad. The NHL is about highs and lows. The Wings are currently in an anomalous low. I wouldn't throw in the towel just because they've had a few bad games.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I totally agree and that's why it's frustrating