Kronwall Avoids Suspension

Detroit defenceman Niklas Kronwall will not be suspended for his hit on Flyers forward Jakub Voracek last night.

Kronwall nailed Voracek with a shoulder check that left the Flyers forward dazed on the ice. Voracek recieved stitches in his mouth and did not return.



"Kronwall will not target the head as the principle point of contact, as Voracek had his head down and was leaning forward. Kronwall did not leave his feet and was not penalized. There are many hits to the head that are deemed illegal, just by the nature of the way the recipient dips, ducks, turns or moves just prior ro contact."

The Flyers were upset, but none of them directly said that the hit was dirty. Here are some quotes from both teams:

Niklas Kronwall:

“I haven't seen the replay, but the way I felt about it at the time was he was coming up along the boards and I took a stride forward.''

Danny Briere:

“I haven't seen the replay of the hit, I don't know if the (head) was targeted or if it was a clean check. It's still not fun when you're on the ice and you see someone laying there shaking. It was a bad feeling in everybody's stomach. Obviously, we all wanted to get back at their guy for doing that, but at the same time there's big points on the line. We held our cool.''

Max Talbot:

“Dirty or not, I think it is frustrating for guys in this dressing room to see a hit like this. Obviously, a lot of guys wanted to see Kronwall, and he didn't want to answer for his act. It is something that he thought was a clean hit, so you can't blame the guy.''

Claude Giroux:

“It was a good hit and I didn't really see if it was a head shot or not, but Kronwall is pretty good at those hits.'' 

Peter Laviolette:

“It’s a defensemen stepping up on a forward. It was hard to tell, when you go back and look at it, it was clearly the head, which is tough. That’s the area that’s supposed to be safer this year and he got popped right on it.”

Mike Babcock:

“Kronner is a competitive guy, he's out there playing hard. I don't think he did anything wrong. He doesn't want anyone to get hurt, I don't want anyone to get hurt. But last time we played them he got Briere, this time he got Voracek. Those are tough hits, but it's part of hockey.''

Johan Franzen:

“Guys got to know when (Kronwall) is out there. He tries to keep it as clean as he can. When the guy's carrying the puck and has his head down and his head forward it's hard to miss (his head).''

The Checking Line - Red Wings Edition


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Its a clean hit, and all the guys seem to know it judging by the quotes. I find nothing wrong with it, other than the fact Voracek keeps his head down even though Kronwall seems to never leave the line. If he sees him there while he is picking up the puck why does he think he has a clean lane to fly up the boards? Good for Kronwall for holding his line, and also not succumbing to feeling a need to drop the gloves on a perfectly legal hit.