Letter to Red Wings Readers

Dear Readers,

Here at The Checking Line - Red Wings Edition, we have always been trying to give you the best Red Wings coverage. We started out as a one man show, with myself as the lone Wings writer. Over time I saw the growth of and devlopment of the Flyers, Islanders and Western subsites and gave myself a goal of one day having an all-Red Wings subsite where we could give you what you wanted.

That day has come, but it was not possible without the help of some great individuals.

Phil and Sam over at Electronic Press got our new site up and running and it looks great, and George Prax is the mastermind behind all of this and I personally want to thank them, especially George for putting up with the countless emails from me.

The vision started when George allowed me to create a Facebook page and Twitter account that I could link my blogs to. I was writing an average of two blogs per day at the time, and I took the opportunity to add some talented writers to our team. Rachel Bellono took over for me for a week and displayed some tremendous managerial skills. Her blogs are always on the bright side and offset some of my negative rants. Eric Huffman and A.K Bennett also jumped on board and always have something new to write about with some interesting perspectives. We recently added Robert D'Aurelio, who specializes in feature articles, and Paul Kendall, our Grand Rapids Griffins writers. I want to thank them for their hard work in the past and going forward.

What better time to launch this site than the playoffs; a Red Wings tradition. While we continue to grow as a site, myself and the TCL Red Wings team would like to thank you, the readers, because without you there isn't a point to us writing. We all enjoy what we do, and that's writing about Red Wings hockey. We promise to keep plugging away and having the best Red Wings coverage, because that's what Hockeytown fans deserve. We hope you enjoy the new site, stay tuned!

-Kyle Busch