Lidstrom Returns, Roster for Next Season

Nicklas Lidstrom will return for his 20th season in Detroit

So he has motivation still.

Nicklas Lidstrom announced today that he will be returning to Detroit for a 20th NHL season. The six time (maybe seven) Norris Trophy winner signed a one year, $6.2 million deal to stay in Detroit one more year. It is the exact same contract he has last season.

He was quoted as saying the biggest issue was whether or not he would find the motivation to keep playing. Apparently he has.

Lidstrom has been a key cog in Detroit's line-up since 1991. Every season he has played with the Winged Wheel on his chest, Detroit has made the playoffs.

He has been nominated for the Norris for the 11th time in 13 seasons. He is up against Zdeno Chara and Shea Weber and is the favourite to win the award again, despite being a minus last season (what do you expect when you play with Jonathan Ericsson?)

This clears up a lot for GM Ken Holland. His offseason plan is now set. He has a few holes on defence, a back-up goalie, and perhaps a top six forward.

I want to take a look at what the roster could look like next season, and it's very different.

Let's start by looking at who Detroit shouldn't want at all:

1. Tomas Kaberle - Kaby has been said to be a good fit for Detroit. Well I disagree 110%. He's soft and one dimensional, and he didn't even bring his one-dimensional game to the playoffs with the Bruins. I don't like signing guys from Championship teams, I think there's a matter of fatigue and motivation to win again.

2. Jonathan Ericsson - I'm sick and tired of people not from Detroit saying Ericsson needs more time to develop. This plug is 27 years old. How long do you want to give him? He just might be the reason Lidstrom was a minus this year. Perfect reason to not keep him. He pinches EVERY time, shoots like a girl and hits with a purse. For a 6'4 guy he plays even softer than Kaberle. Plus he turned down 2 million a year for 5 years! Clearly he has brain damage or thinks he's better than he is. Hopefully Holland doesn't pull the "we owe it to him" crap. He owes it to them to not be a pile of monkey droppings.

3. Bryan McCabe - An aging defensman who just played in Florida. Also used to play for the Leafs. Used to losing. It doesn't add up for me.

4. Ed Jovanovski - Also old as the Bible, I just think he's on the decline. I'd rather Detroit go young and develop some guys.

And here is the huge list of guys I think Detroit needs to try and get:

1. James Wisniewski
Wiz is one of the best defenceman in the free agent market this year. I think he is the total package. He hits, fights, scores, can make passes and joins the rush. What else do you need? I would fork over $3.5-$4 million to get him.

2. Zach Bogosian / Brent Burns
Holland has said he expects to look for trades at the draft. With Bogosian being less than happy with his time in Atlanta and the franchise move to Winnipeg, it could be that he won't want to go or Winnipeg will want some depth. Detroit can trade a couple guys (Filppula, Hudler can be trade bait) for Bogy. He was drafted right behind Drew Doughty. He has the talent to be just as good and can be a lot cheaper. A win for Detroit.

Burns is on this list because I noticed Minnesota GM Chuck Fletcher is shopping everyone not named Koivu. Obviously they will need something of decent value in return, and Detroit could give up Flip and Huds plus a draft pick/prospect for him. I think if Detroit gets either of these guys they'll be set on defence when Lidstrom retires next year.

3. Kevin Bieksa / Christian Ehrhoff
The bad thing about being a Stanley Cup finalist is that usually some guys get the boot. I think Bieksa will take a pay cut to stay in Vancouver, but Ehrhoff might be the one to go. Sami Salo is likely going to stay in Van City, so mayeb the Wings can sign the German d-man. He has that Red Wings feel to him. In Bieksa's case, I think he isn't a Wings type player, which is exactly why they need to sign him. He chirps like no tomorrow, and he's a nasty player. Detroit hasn't had a guy like that since Ulf Samuelsson in 1999.

4. Scottie Upshall
Mike Babcock has said he needs a top six forward to take some pressure off the top line. i think Darren Helm can make that jump easily with more playing time and being on a line with a Datsyuk or Zetterberg will definitely help. Upshall is a guy who can replace Helm's spot in the line-up. He's the same mold; speedy with lot's of energy. He can be one of those guys that can get the bench awake and make an impact on the ice.

5. Tomas Fleischmann / Tomas Kopecky
Two former Red Wings. Fleischmann has thrived in Colorado, but he is a UFA now and might leave for money purposes. He was traded to Washington in the Robert Lang trade in 2003/04 and was a highly touted pick by Detroit. He is a potential second line player. but would most likely see third and fourth line time to start. Kopecky has been streaky and lamented by some Chicago fans. He was lights out in the Finals last season against Philly. He has a big frame and is a power forward type player. If Detroit can get him, he will be Bertuzzi's replacement down the road.

6. Josh Harding
With Osgood out of the picture, who pushes Jimmy Howard? Harding certainly made a terrific tandem with Nicklas Backstrom in Minnesota, so I think he will be able to challenge Howard for the starting job as well. Howard can't keep playing 60+ games every year, so Harding can be an admirable backup for Detroit. The fact that he can split time will also add to the lure effect for Harding coming to Detroit.

Jaromir Jagr - it might be worth the shot, but only for a certain amount of the pot
Ty Conklin - played well in Detroit before, so he might be able to do it again
Severin Blindenbacher - Only reason is he has a great last name. Jersey sales would skyrocket. More than a Charlie Furbush Tigers jersey.


Mike Modano - UFA Retired
Chris Osgood - UFA
Kris Draper - UFA Retired
Jonathan Ericsson - UFA
Brian Rafalski - Retired
Ruslan Salei - UFA
Jiri Hudler - Traded
Valterri Filppula - Traded

James Wisniewski 3.5M - Free Agent Signing
Scottie Upshall 1.5M - Free Agent Signing
Zach Bogosian 3.75M - Traded for Filppula, Hudler, a couple draft picks and a prospect
Jaromir Jagr 1.0M Free Agent Signing

Henrik Zetterberg 6.08M
Pavel Datsyuk 6.7M
Tomas Holmstrom1.87M
Dan Cleary 2.8M
Johan Franzen 3.95M
Todd Bertuzzi 1.93M
Darren Helm 0.91M
Scottie Upshall 1.5M
Patrick Eaves 1.0M
Justin Abdelkader 0.78M
Drew Miller 1.0M
Jaromir Jagr 1.0M
Jan Mursak 0.55M
Cory Emmerton 0.53M - waiver to Grand Rapids

Nicklas Lidstrom 6.2M
Zach Bogosian 3.75M
Niklas Kronwall 3.0M
James Wisniewski 3.5M
Brad Stuart 3.75M
Jakub Kindl 0.88M
Brendan Smith 0.87M

Jimmy Howard 2.25M
Josh Harding 1.0M

TOTAL: 59.2M
Cap Space: 4.0M-ish assuming cap is around 64M.

Could I be dreaming? Most definitely. And there will be more dreaming to come until the 2011-12 season officially begins.

Kyle Busch


George Prax's picture

Great breakdown. I still love how much you hate Ericsson lmao. Not since Mark Trible's hatred for Jeff Carter or my hatred for Guillaume Latendresse have I been this amused by player hate.

I agree what Wiz would be a good fit there. Wish we didn't have to let him go but I don't see the Habs re-signing him.

Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

I had a few laughs in this article, but it was well written.

Im not a fan of Ericsson, but you really hate the guy. Not sure what sane GM is going after Juri Hudler. Salei maybe. If Jagr is signing for just 1 million, I hope he plays in Pittsburgh, I thought he was asking for 2 to 2.5 million.

Good to see Nick giving it one more shot. Im not ready to see a legend like him hang them up. I just hope he has a great season again. It was painful to watch Modano play before and after the injury, I thought he would have been better off retiring.

What happened to the back-up McDonald? I thought he played alright.

Finally, if Detroit can pick up Burns, they will be thrilled. Watching him play last season (the wild had a suprising amount of Versus Games) he was outstanding. He passes well, shoots well, joins the rush at perfect times, and basically could jump right in to their powerplay with Kronwall when Lidstrom leaves after next season.

demez's picture

I guess the 60 million in his bank account isn't enough money to feed his family and take a pay cut. As great a defenseman as Nick has been he'll never be a true captain like Stevie Y that put his team before his own needs.

Jagr for 1 mil? Wiz for 3.5 mil? That's very optimistic, the guy will want at least 4 million this off season.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Thanks George. Whenever I mention Ericsson I tend to get upset. Chuck, MacDonald wanted a one way contract and Holland wasn't willing to do that so he's probably going to end up in Europe. And Demez, Lidstrom is worth 10 million in my opinion. With the year he had he should get more than what he made last year. He's been a great leader. Leaders can be quiet like he has. He let's his play do the talking and that's something I love about him. So in essence he's taking a huge pay cut (and Holland has a boatload of cap space with nothing to use it on).

Shahab Khan's picture

Demez - you can never fault a player for getting all he is worth ... and remember he has already helped them win Cups

I agree with the Brent Burns need or desire - he is perfect 3 or 4 dman

But the Wiz need - I don't know - there was a reason why the Habs got him for nothing and why he has like played for half the teams in the league - I would take him as my 5 or 6 dman but not for that money

demez's picture

I completely agree that he's worth the money, will never deny it but when you're in your 40s, have devoted your entire career to the same team that has made you very rich already, has given you the chance to win cups, trophies, etc. Maybe you stop thinking about yourself and about the future of the team, the team can still sign players with the cap space but imagine he had take 3.5-4 million instead, will the 2 million really change his life that much? The team could do a lot more with the extra 2-3 million. The point is the guy doesn't need to be making that much money anymore if he truly cares about this team and about the future of the team when he's gone. Look how much Yzerman made in his final season when he could have taken a lot more.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

You have a valid point Demez. The only difference was Yzerman wasn't at the same level as Lidstrom is now. Stevie had a knee made out of plastic and was struggling to play 3 games in a row. Right now I think all DET fans care about is that he's back. Would it be cool if he took less money? Sure. But they still have a ton of cap space. If he took the discount, who do you think they could get?

demez's picture

I'm not gonna argue, I'd still give him the money as Holland, he's still worth it at his age, I'm saying it more from his perspective, as the player and captain, his days are almost up, Detroit is in a transition phase, an extra mil or two can go a long way in signing fresh blood.

As for who they can get with the money, there's not that many D out there'd I'd throw coin at this off-season unfortunately, Ernhoff is among the only guys I'd pay the money he'd be asking. At the same time though most of the signings you're hoping for are coming in at figures below their actual value, Upshall won't go for less than 2, I doubt he signs anywhere for less than 2.5 mil, Wiz won't sign for less than 4. There's 2 mil right there.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Good point. Except I think Upshall is worth less than 2 million. For what he is 2 million is a little much, but seeing what he could do in Detroit might make him worth it.

George Prax's picture

What's the difference how much money he makes? The cap's going up $5 million and they have the space to pay him and build a competitive team with all the players they want and need around him.

nowhere's picture

Kyle, I'm not interested in Jagr - I'd rather promote Tatar from GR or look for a younger FA. I'd really be interested in the Red Wings taking a run @ trying to acquire Bogosian. Now that Ramsay is gone, I wonder if Winnipeg's new coach (TBD) will be able to repair the relationship and restore Bogo's confidence. I'd also be curious to see what it would take to pry Carter away from Philly, with Filppula++ going the other way.

Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

Well Kyle, right now the bidding war has begun. Pittsburgh and Detroit have made the offers to Jagr and apparently Detroit's was a little bit larger than Pittsburgh's. Pitt's was apparently around 1 million, while Detroit offered just over 1.5. Pretty funny considering this man is 9nth all time in scoring.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I think Jagr is worth a shot for the amount Chuck said. 1.5 is reasonable for an ex Hart Trophy guy. I would also love to see Tatar, but the best thing for him is another season dominating in Grand Rapids. Obviously it isn't like Detroit to rush guys when they don't have to. Jagr would be a nice bridge to guys like Tatar and Mursak. Even Gustav Nyquist is a couple seasons away (Hobey Baker finalist).

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I totally forgot about Brooks Laich too. He would be a great sandpaper guy who can score. They might target him as well.