Ovie Boo Birds Show in 3-2 Wings Win

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The Detroit Red Wings snapped the Washington Capitals nine game winning streak yesterday with a 3-2 win at Joe Louis Arena. Henrik Zetterberg scored two goals giving him 20 on the year and Brian Rafalski had three assists in his first game back after missing the previous eight with back spasms.
Valterri Filppula also scored, while John Carlson and Alex Ovechkin scored for Washington.

Zetterberg hadn't scored for a while until last night, and both his goals were beauties. The first was a one-timer from the high slot that he buried up high on Michal Neuvirth. The second he led a rush on his backhand and fired a high shot of Neuvirth's head and in for the winning goal. Rafalski assisted on both, and also set of Filppula's deflection with a slap-pass.

The Caps could not get any flow into their game and the Wings even took over on some Washington powerplays. Darren Helm is probably the most underrated penalty killer in the league. He had a number of rushes on the PK that killed 30 seconds off of the powerplay for the Caps, and even knocked Ovechkin off the puck a couple times. Look at the facts on Helm last season: he was third on the team in takeaway/giveaway ratio, second on the team in hits and third in blocked shots. Add his amazing speed and his increasing ability to shoot the puck from anywhere, Helm could potentially be the next defensive scoring threat from a third line.

Speaking of Ovechkin, he scored on his patented move, cutting into the middle of the ice and letting go a screen shot through Brad Stuart which beat Jimmy Howard to tie the game at 2-2 in the second period. Other than that goal and another nice rush, Ovie didn't really do a whole lot and it looked like he was standing around a lot. Maybe it's because Wings fans don't see a lot of him, but it seems that he is one dimensional and only gives an effort when he has the puck. Detroit played suffocating defence and combined it with various breakouts that confused and flustered the Caps' forecheck.

Stuart also caught Ovechkin with his head down the next time he tried his cut in move and buried him into the ice. Apparently Ovechkin retaliated by hacking Stuart in the leg, but there is conveniently no video of this altercation, or the knee on knee hit with Helm that also went unnoticed.

I was wondering why Wings fans were booing Ovechkin and that might be it. But listening to the radio it sounds like people booed him from the intro and warm-ups. This is what I'm confused about; all Detroit fans pretty much hate Sidney Crosby and boo him, right? Ovechkin is the anti-Crosby, so why are we booing him? Because he's a good player not on the Wings? I don't hear resounding boos when someone like Joe Thornton or Jonathan Toews score on the Wings, it's more a groan of how Howard let in yet another weak goal.

Obviously there are guys that you love to boo, in the Wings' case Crosby, Marian Hossa, Claude Lemieux and anybody on the Penguins. They are all within reason though (the Pens-Wings Finals, Hossa choking in the playoffs, Lemieux giving Draper a new face), so therefore people are booing Ovechkin because of who he is, like how Pistons fans booed Micheal Jordan. Ovechkin was quoted as saying, ""I didn't hear the boos, this is the kind of building where you only play once a year, so kids are excited and people were excited to see me. I thought it was kind of cool." While that may be a little conceded, Ovechkin is right. As a player you never really pay attention to fans anyways. The Wings don't play the Caps that much, so booing Ovechkin is kind of childish in my opinion. If you really want to boo, do it to someone who really deserves it, like Matt Cooke (or Jonathan Ericsson; maybe he'll smarten up and not play like garbage for once).

What do you think of booing in sports? When is it OK to let the players know what you think of them?

Kyle Busch


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No problem with booing. As Mike said it's part of entertainment and a lot of the time it's misunderstood. As a Habs fan I see a lot of booing at the Bell Centre, and it has little to do with hating the opposition in a lot of cases, and more to do with supporting your team. It's a form of reaction and I have no problem with it.

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Micheal Aldred wrote:

@George: BOOOOOO!

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Now that you mantion it, the Habs fans booing is the most annoying thing in the world lol. They boo EVERYONE, so it gets kind of old

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That's the point Kyle. Again, it's not about booing because we hate someone (except for the few idiots that boo the anthems), it's about reacting to the team and the plays on the ice. Why do you think everyone says they love playing in Montreal (as away teams) despite the boos, and despite the fact that the Habs are pretty good in that building? The crowd acts like the 7th man.

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I know where you're coming from, I just find it annoying after a while.