Road Woes Need to Stop in Calgary

Last night's loss to the Vancouver Canucks was the first regulation loss in ten games for the Detroit Red Wings. At the tail end of a Western Canadian road trip, this game means a lot for a team desperately trying to improve it's away record, which currently is under 500.

The Red Wings and Flames have met twice already this season, both times at Joe Louis Arena. Calgary took the first meeting 4-1 while Detroit ran away with the second 5-3.

Looking at Calgary, they are an enigma. They have talent but can't turn it into wins. Captain Jarome Iginla can hit 500 career goals tonight with a hat trick, and with his line-mates Olli Jokinen and Curtis Glencross, it isn't out of the question. The trio had a combined 12 shots on net in their last game on Tuesday.

One of the hottest Wings isn't even a goal scorer. Drew Miller has five goals in his last six games.

Injury wise, Detroit is still without Chris Conner, Jan Mursak and Patrick Eaves. Calgary is likely without Matt Stajan, David Moss, Anton Babchuk, Henrik Karlsson and top defenceman Mark Giordano. Rene Bourque is still suspended for his hit on Chicago defenceman Brent Seabrook.

The only concern for Detroit is that Ty Conklin will start tonight. He has been subpar this season, with a 1-3 record and a terrible 3.26 GAA. But, with Jimmy Howard endorsing Conklin's hard work, Red Wings fan really should give him another chance, and he'll get it tonight in Calgary.

Miikka Kiprusoff will start for Calgary.

Oh, and Mike Commodore is a healthy scratch. Bet you forgot about him, didn't you? So did everyone.

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Kyle Busch


Rachel Bellono's picture

I don't see why this should be a challenge for the Wings, but the Wings make teams I would think would be an easy shutout to a huge battle for a win. The Wings definitely need to step it up in their away games. I thought that the win they had against Edmonton would give them a kick-in-the-butt kind of start, but I was definitely wrong about that one. I would like to see a goal scorer for the Wings, but sadly we do not really have one. So even picking a name, like Zetterberg, would be pointless because a goal scorer for the Wings is currently not in existence.
I am a little nervous about Ty starting, but also happy. Howard needs the break, especially after last night. I think he needs to cool his head, mentally, to get back into the game. This break will do just that for him, I hope. Ty needs to start once and awhile because even though Howard is an all-star, he is not invincible. I am more nervous about the Wings not winning, which is always for a number of reasons... you cannot lose a game just because of ONE reason. I mean I guess you could, but there are always a couple of things that contribute. When a team loses, the first things fans do is point to the goalie. This isn't always fair because the goalie makes one mistake and it is a magnified mistake. Yes it is a big deal for a goalie to stop shots, but it is also a big deal for a defensemen to be there to back him up. If you have a defensemen not present for one goal, usually people just to the goalie and not even bother looking at the team. I would just like Ty to get a fair chance without hearing a wrath at the end of a game. But, there is always going to be someone you are not pleasing I guess.

Let's hope the Wings look better tonight than they did last night. I am sure Babcock gave them an ear-full to get them going tonight.

Good preview, Kyle!

Forgot one thing: what is going on with Commodore?

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Healthy scratch, he's just not good enough. That signing always baffled me. Him and Babcock don't exactly see eye to eye either.

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Why do we keep him if we never play him?

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Probably because he's still on the payroll and in case of injury, which knock on wood hasn't happened yet.