Rollercoaster Has to Stop

The Detroit Red Wings won their third game in a row yesterday with a 5-3 win over the Calgary Flames in Hockeytown. Detroit now has a record of 12-7-1, but the way they did it is still astounding.

Detroit started out on a 5-0 tear, followed by a terrible 0-5-1 slide, then 4-0, then two losses, and most recently three wins.

Although they are winning hockey games and on pace to get another 100-point season, they need more consistency.

Ian White returned to the line-up and had a career high one goal and two assists, Pavel Datsyuk had the same and Tomas Holmstrom scored twice. Valterri Filppula also scored.

Grumpy Babs

Fabian Brunnstrom was recalled by Detroit today for their trip to Boston, but his wife is expecting their first child and the Red Wings gave him permission to stay home when she gives birth any day now. The funny thing is, it seems like Mike Babcock has no heart:

“We brought him up for that reason obviously, yet his wife is about to give birth, we want him to be here for it, at the same time he needs to play hockey and touring around with us and not playing hockey doesn’t do him any good. … Ideally they’ll have their first child, everything goes well and he can get back to playing hockey.”

Let's get serious Mike, you brought him up to make him sit on his rump in a press box. Patrick Eaves would go over him anyway! And for the record, nothing bad was said when Jimmy Howard took a game off for the EXACT SAME REASON. Maybe if you played Brunnstrom more than 4 minutes per game he could show you what he has. That's fine though, parade Dan Cleary around even though he's as slow as a snail. Family first. Hockey is just a game.

White To Use Visor

Ian White will wear a visor for the rest of the season after breaking his cheekbone from a blocked shot in a game against Dallas. He missed four games and returned yesterday wearing a full face shield for precautions.

Will Conklin Ever Play Again?

With the way Howard has been playing, I hope not. Conklin was terrible his last two outings, a carry over from a bad year in St. Louis. The scary thing is Howard has started over ten games in a row, so you know Conklin's game is coming soon. Hopefully Detroit scores 6+ goals in that tilt.


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Kyle Busch (@KyleBusch11)