Updates Galore

The Detroit Red Wings roster is now complete. While this may be late news for me to share, I was on vacation for a week. I deserve vacations. But I also want to update the latest Red Wings news for everyone here with my spin it.

First of all, Detroit found it's backup goalie, inevitably it was Ty Conklin coming back (he played for the Wings in 2008-09). He was a good backup then to Chris Osgood, who went down with an injury and was replaced by Conklin. Because Conklin is 35, a one year deal is the best situation for Detroit. 

The whole reason he is back is because Osgood decided to hang up the skates a day earlier. And then came news of Kris Draper leaving the game as well. I don't want to get into the stats and all that stuff, just the fact that I was hard on these guys at the end of their careers. I think it was just the fact that they couldn't let go when they clearly were at the end (Draper and Osgood both wanted to play this year. I could see Osgood back, but Draper? There's like 14 forwards already signed). 

They both gave a lot to the organization throughout their careers. Osgood was never really appreciated, even when he won in 1998 and 2008 as a starter. Draper was a lunchbucket forward, but he did score 23 goals in 2003-04. 

Both were vetarns on a older Detroit team. Both will stay with the club, Draper in a front office role, Osgood as a goaltender consultant.

Mike Modano is also about to call it quits. At 41, he would be one of the oldest players in the league. He said that he hasn't been working out and no one has talked to him about a contract. So therefore he will retire as a Red Wing.

In other news that doesn't really have a huge impact on anyone, Jordan Pearce resigned and will be in Grand Rapids next year as a third goalie. Also, Mike Commodore isn't going to wear 64, he is sticking with 22 because, "It's a special privelidge to play in Detroit." Obviously he doesn't want to make his time here a joke, good for him.

Kyle Busch