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Cam Janssen scored a goal tonight. No joke

Wow. Just....wow. I don't think I've ever seen a more pathetic performance from my team in...well, ever. St. Louis just crushed them 10-3. St. Louis, who sit 13th place in the West. I might just throw all article-writing-rules out the windows here and go on my second rant as a member of the TCL team.

Just how in the heck are the Red Wings ready for the playoffs? I listen to the radio after every game and the guy hosting always says they'll be fine. Well, watching this game it clearly was not the case. They didn't show anything. No talent, no passing, no puck support at all. The Blues walked all over them. The defence left Joey MacDonald out to dry, and then did the same to rookie Thomas McCollum, in his first NHL game mind you, and then MacDonald came back in and was shelled again!

Writing this, they scored again and it was waved off. Wow. A 3 on 2 because of a flyby and terrible defence. No backchecking. I want to find something good about the game but I really can't. Modano scored a goal, that's good right? But then again, Detroit let CAM JANSSEN score. Seriously? He didn't score for like 3 years! Same with Chris Porter! He scored too!

It baffles me that this team doesn't have any pride. They just gave up. Even Darren Helm is non-existent. And the fans are being embarrassing too. They cheered MacDonald when he stopped an 85 foot dump in. Really guys? I know some Wings fans can be totally out to lunch, but it's not the goaltenders fault in this game. Literally half the goals were flukes, and the other half defensive breakdowns. Major breakdowns.

When MacDonald got yanked the first time I really felt for him. Nothing was working for him and his teammates did nothing. He chucked his stick in the tunnel and for good reason. If I was him I'd want to rip them a new one.

Now, the Blues clearly played a phenomenal game, but they really aren't the greatest team. 13th in the West is terrible. This is a game in which the Wings should have won and clinched a playoff spot. Instead, San Jose has the chance to hop over them into 3rd place.

I was even going to put up a picture of the FSN scoreboard showing 10-3. I couldn't do it. Just looking at that score is embarrassing enough as the game was going on, let alone to look at it all over again.

Listen, Detroit looks nowhere near close enough to being ready for the playoffs. Now teams at the bottom are thinking, "The freaking Blues scored 10 on them, they can't be that good." Now all the Wings fans are gonna say Howard is a saint because he only let's in 4 goals a game. Bring back Ozzy! He's a Hall of Famer!

Of course, this happened a few years ago with Columbus and Nashville (both scored 8 on Detroit) and the Wings went to the Finals.


Courtesy NHL.com

The only good thing that can come out of this is that:
A. They realize they are not invincible
B. Their defence really needs work
C. Puck support is needed at all times and,
D. Effort is what brings you through 4 playoff rounds, not skill alone.

I really want to forget this game, but only after I see their effort in the next game will I be satisfied like any true fan.

*All this was written as I was watching the game. If there isn't any flow to it it's because I was pissed. Maybe some arguments don't make sense but they did at the time.

Thanks to Connor Hillman for the stats!

Kyle Busch


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All I can really say to you is that this stuff happens. To some teams (*cough*Habs*cough*Leafs*cough*) more often than others, but for a lot of good teams like the Red Wings it can be a cathartic process to go through something like this. It can be really revealing to their own weaknesses and like you said, it helps them realize that they're not invincible and they do need work. Of course, a coach like Mike Babcock probably already knows these things, but a loss like this helps send the message to the players. The Red Wings WILL be fine. Be glad this happened before the season ended and not during the playoffs.

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Just one of those games. The bigger issue is the Wings' horrible home record as of late. Could be a problem in the playoffs, especially when you look at who they might face in the first round... Chicago, Anaheim or Nashville... Pick your poison!

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I really don't want Anaheim at all. Nashville has been killing Detroit too, and Chicago is always tough. It's gonna be a tough first round either way.

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Chicago's facing Vancouver. The Gods have already decided this.

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George Prax wrote:

Chicago's facing Vancouver. The Gods have already decided this.

I'd love to see them beat each other up and have the Hawks come out in 7, and then have the Hawks lose.