Wings Shouldn't Claim Emery

In response to my article about the Ducks signing Ray Emery, I realized he would have to clear waivers before heading to Syracuse for conditioning. Which leads me to believe the Detroit Red Wings are taking a hard look at him to see if he could fit in with the team.

Am I open to Emery wearing the Winged Wheel? Sure. Better than Joey MacDonald. But the odds of him coming to Detroit are slim to none. Emery's attitude issues might scare teams away, but the fact is Emery was brilliant in 2007 with Ottawa, so he probably still has in him somewhere.

Detroit wouldn't get him for a few reasons:

1. They couldn't smarten up Sean Avery, so why Emery?
2. Grand Rapids has like 6 goalies
3. Osgood is coming back in about a month
4. 27 teams are in front of Detroit that could claim Emery
5. Garth Snow likes the waiver system

So stay tuned and see what happens in the latest waiver system saga!

Kyle Busch