Wings Suck? Time For My Rebuttal!

On a slow day in terms of the Red Wings, I thought about what we could possibly discuss that had any relevance and wasn't totally boring. Then I read a Yahoo article about a yahoo Stars fan that basically said the Red Wings suck.

I didn't know if I should take it as a joke or if it was serious, but man was it entertaining the first time through. The second time I read it I wondered what this woman was thinking, and therefore I am going to shoot down her five "arguments," if you want to call them that, with relative ease. This should make the Red Wings fans that commented at the bottom of the page feel a lot better.

First, I want to say that in no way does this have anything to do with Stars fans. Our TCL Stars writer Jordan Kuhns is a great guy and knows his stuff and is probably embarrassed about how it portrays the Stars, so eliminate anything against the Stars as a team. This is a rebuttal to that one fan. I'm going to pretend that this is from any fan that hates the Red Wings.

1. Mike Modano is a Detroit Red Wing

Her argument was that Modano is a Star forever and that seeing him in a Red Wings jersey made her stomach turn. Sorry, but the fact that your team declined to resign him isn't his fault. Also, check out where he's from; Livonia, MICHIGAN. Detroit is in Michigan, right? Last time I checked it was. Were you pissed when Brett Hull and Derian Hatcher came here too? Sucks to be you. So Modano coming to Detroit was a perfect fit for his career, and Red Wings fans loved him, even though he didn't pan out like we hoped because of injuries. So the reason you hate the Red Wings is because they gave your hero a chance to play when your team did not. Therefore, your argument makes no sense because there is no merit to it.

2. The Detroit Red Wings are the New York Yankees of the NHL

This is so easy to shoot down it's funny. Have you heard of a salary cap? Every team operates under it since the 2005 lockout. That means everyone has a fair shot at winning because it is supposed to create parity in the league. Before the lockout, players came to Detroit because they won. If I remember correctly, the Stars had Brett Hull, Mike Modano, Ed Belfour, Jamie Langenbrunner, Derian Hatcher, Sergei Zubov and countless others making a bajillion dollars. And in that time that was the way the league ran, a lot of teams bought players, including the New York Rangers and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The difference is that Detroit drafts their players and basically never makes a big splash in free agency. "They are legitimate Cup contenders every year." Because of 21 straight playoff appearances. So, your argument about being the Yankees just because they win a lot is just stupid. Point for me.

3. The Red Wings are Arrogant

"I really believe the Dead Wings are the most arrogant hockey team in the NHL. They prance on the ice and are smug off of it. Most of the Detroit players are self-important nit-wits. I can't stand watching them play, or give interviews or breathe; they are jerks, which make it easy to hate their team. I've met the Dallas Stars players and they are good to their fans. They smile, they have personalities; the two toughest Stars are Steve Ott and Brendan Morrow, and they are incredibly nice guys off the ice."

First of all, the Dead Wings nickname? Grow up. Secondly, how in the hell are they arrogant? Can you prove it? I didn't think so. But I can prove that Steve Ott is a huge tool and most players in the league think that. You can't stand watching them play because why? Back up your points with facts! I'm thinking it's because they win all the time. I can only assume. The Red Wings give interviews just like every other team, so I have no idea what you are talking about, so I'll file it under useless rambling. They are jerks? Really! No facts again. Have you met these players personally? Again, we don't know. The Red Wings smile and have personalities, ask Pavel Datsyuk and his raw humour and Jimmy Howard's abrasive personality. The arrogant one is you, ma'am, for even considering the Red Wings arrogant. That's pretty ironic.

4. The Red Wings play boring hockey

This should read, "the Red Wings play winning hockey." Because that's the reason you hate them.

"Watching the Red Wings play is like watching a bunch of boring robots skate around the ice. I'd rather watch paint dry, it's more exciting. Why are the Detroit Red Wings so boring? It's because Detroit primarily has "finesse players", not hockey players. Waiting to see a Red Wing deliver a big hit? That happens about twice a season. Every year it is the same old boring Red Wings hockey. They are more likely to whine about getting hit than they are to hit back. I hate boring hockey, so I hate the Detroit Red Wings. They are the worst team to watch if you are trying to stay awake."

Boring robots that win 23 consecutive home games is pretty damn boring if you ask me. So is four Stanley Cups since 1997. Also, when you win games that means scoring goals, which is the most exciting part of hockey. You were actually right about one thing; Detroit is a finesse team and plays puck possession. That doesn't make it boring. Boring hockey is called the 2011 Tampa Bay Lightning or the New Jersey Devils of the 90's.

Ask Niklas Kronwall and Brad Stuart about big hits; it happens probably once a game. Go Youtube 'Kronwalled.' Nik Jr. made a new word from his open ice hits. Ask Justin Abdelkader about being a grinder. How about the Grind Line from the 1990's or Joey Kocur, Bob Probert and Darren McCarty. Even recently Abdelkader and even Jonathan Ericsson drop the mitts. Bottom line; you don't win by fighting or hitting hard. Tell that to your Stars and maybe they'll win.

5. Detroit Red Wings Fans

"The Red Wings fans are some of the least knowledgeable, obnoxious, arrogant group of wannabe hockey fans I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. They are more interested in getting drunk at the games than to actually watch the game. I guess if my team was as boring as Detroit's I would just drink instead too. When the fans are good and drunk and want to show their Red Wings some love, they throw Octopus out onto the ice. Sometimes the octopus is alive, sometimes it isn't; either way, it's just another stupid thing Detroit Red Wings fans do. I hate the Detroit Red Wings and their obnoxious fans. The Red Wings have the worst hockey fans and the worst hockey team."

The first line looks like perhaps the most idiotic statement of all time. But wait until the last one. A lot of fans aren't knowledgeable, they just want entertainment. Again, you use the word arrogant, which totally describes yourself. And obnoxious? Maybe some, but generalizing to every Red Wing fan? That's just ridiculous. People drink at hockey games. That's like baseball and hot dogs. They want to have a good time and that's what creates the atmosphere at the Joe Louis Arena. Did I mention that atmosphere might have accounted for 23 consecutive home wins? 

If you don't know why we throw the octopus on the ice, you have issues and clearly you are the one with no knowledge. It symbolizes the eight wins that used to win the Cup in the old days, and the Wings won eight straight, prompting a fan to throw the octopus. So it isn't stupid, it's a ritual. It gets fans pumped up and even the players. 

Here's my take on the last line of your pathetic article.

Of all the terrible arguments you made, this one makes my head spin. The Red Wings are the worst hockey team...

21 consecutive playoff appearances.

11 Stanley Cups

23 consecutive home wins, NHL record

62 wins in 1996, NHL record

Steve Yzerman, Nicklas Lidstrom, Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk, Brendan Shanahan, Vladimir Konstantinov, Scotty Bowman, Ken Holland. All class acts.

Mike Illitch; the best owner in sports.

Just because you don't have what we have shouldn't be the reason you hate a team. I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins for winning in 2009. I hated the Avalanche for messing up Kris Draper's face. I hated the Edmonton Oilers for ending Yzerman's career. I hope you never write another article, but if you do, keep in mind that solid facts are a great way to make people understand what you are talking about. If not it comes off as some arrogant, pissed off and jealous fan that can't stand the success Detroit has had with it's hockey club.

Good day to you.

Kyle Busch


Rachel Bellono's picture

I would like to start off by saying: Kyle, you are perfect. The Detroit Red Wings are Arrogant? The Red Wing players are some of the nicest guys! I have heard it from anyone who has met them or personally known one of them. They help out at hospitals, make pizzas at Little Caesars and interact with customers... they are such good guys. How can she possibly know anyways? Her article was full of stupid, nonfactual claims. Great rebuttal, Kyle.

Robert DAurelio's picture

Actually, maybe even the most ridiculous part was "...arrogant group of wannabe hockey fans..." Wannabe? Is she serious? Any hockey fan would love to be a Red Wings fan, or at least be a fan of a team that actually wins. The Red Wings win hockey games and Stanley Cups. Wannabe? I guess they just wannabe themselves, and want to take part in winning.

I'd like you all to please checkout this goal at 3:20 of this video. This goal likely spawned her hatred for the classy Red Wings. It is one of my favourite playoff goals - as Hank and Pav make the whole Dallas team look silly.

Eric Huffman's picture

HAHA! She got me at "boring hockey". There is nothing boring about 4 Stanley Cups since 1997, and there is certainly nothing boring about having a captain that may be the greatest defenseman of his era. Oh and the evolution of Jimmy Howard, far from boring. If she just doesn't want to root for Detroit because Dallas is her team, that's fine. But even North Carolina fans acknowledge the accomplishments of Duke, as much as it pains them to do so. Irrational, argument-less rhetoric...the worst thing about sports fans

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

The thing was I was going at it from not attacking the Stars. If I did it wouldn't have been pretty. But like I said, it was against this one fan who happened to like the Stars

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That "article" is hogwash. I hate when fanbases go out of their way to hate on other teams fans because they're more passionate than they are. I hate the Bruins, but I hate them for what they do on the ice and in the arena. Who ever let this crap go through on yahoo should be fired.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I actually wondered how it got published too. The writing was horrendous, too.

Rachel Bellono's picture

I totally agree with both of you. I was surprised it was actually an official Yahoo! article. Disappointing and really bad writing...

Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

To be fair, you are an obnoxious bunch. You also ruined a great Journey song for me, but again I have to be fair. Your obnoxious because your passionate, I am the same way, most Canadians are the same way, any fan that loves their team is obnoxious.

By the way, the Rooney's are the best owners in sports and my black and gold blood will have to be completely drained before I say otherwise!

I read the article though and it was just pure crap. It is the reason I stopped reading yahoo sports, same with bleacher report. Most of us on here are fans of the game and passionate about our team, but it is hard to find anything like that article. I am probably the most biased person on the site and I'm nowhere near that bad.
Fun read though.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Born and raised in SOUTH DETROIT!