Wings Tweak Powerplay

While the Detroit Red Wings are 2-0 on the year, there has been one glaring 'concern' that can be seen when analyzing both of their games against the Ottawa Senators and Colorado Avalanche.

Their powerplay is 0-9.

Mike Babcock has said that they will be juggling their powerplay lines for their game against the Vancouver Canucks on Thursday.

Jabuk Kindl will be off the second unit with Jiri Hudler taking his place. Hudler didn't see a lot of ice time in the first two games, but playing on the point on the powerplay will increase his chances of producing. 

The first line of Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg and Tomas Homstrom (who is currently out) with Nick Lidstrom and Ian White on the points will start clicking soon enough. Johan Franzen, Dan Cleary Valterri Filppula and Niklas Kronwall will fill the rest of the second unit.

I'm all for giving Hudler an opportunity to put some points on the board. He is a passer first anyways, so having him on the point will open up some opportunity for the forwards to move around more. Cleary is basically the second line's Holmstrom, with Filppula being the set-up man and Franzen and Kronwall the finishers.

In time, the Wings will start clicking. If not, they have options outside their top six. Todd Bertuzzi hasn't seen powerplay time yet, and Darren Helm was clearly able to hold down a job in the preseason. Both are not out of the question. 

The interesting point is how Kindl beat out Jonathan Ericsson, who is apparently supposed to be the next big thing in Detroit (which I don't see at all). We're paying him over $3 million to NOT be on the powerplay? Why is he not out there getting a chance at least? In my books, Ericsson is never going to be that type of player, but he still needs the chance or time on ice to see what he can bring to the powerplay.

The dark horse? Ian White. I truly believe he will fill Brian Rafalski's skates and then some.

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Kyle Busch