The Calgary Flames Burn Up The Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings fall short for the second night in a row and lost to the Calgary Flames, 3 to 2.

First Period: Absolutely terrible period for the Wings. 15:41 into the first, Bertuzzi was called for hooking as well. This penalty kill was not successful as the first penalty was. It only took about 30 seconds for the Flames’ Glencross to score on the power play. The Flames took the lead and ended the period with a lead over the Wings, 1 to 0. Shots on goal: 9 shots on goal for Calgary verses 5 for Detroit.

Second Period: Another period that was just as, if not more, terrible for the Wings. 1:30 into the second Calgary scored; Comeau made the goal. About 2 minutes later, the Flames received an interference penalty. The penalty did not slow down Calgary though, they were on fire (yes that pun was intended, I know I am hilarious). A penalty to Holmstrom for interference. Holmstrom pushed the player into Kiprusoff, then Wings got the puck in the net (which was called “no goal”). But it definitely was interference for Holmstrom (funny how the same refs as last night called it tonight, but not last night when the Cancucks did the same thing to Howard). On 4 on 4 hockey, the Flames took a lead of 3 total goals. The third goal was to Glencross again. Period ended at 3 to 0. Shots on goal: 22 for Calgary verses 16 for Detroit. 

Third Period: The third period was the first attempted effort from the Wings. 4:55 into the period, Hudler scored a goal. The Wings continued to battle for the puck the entire third period, making effort to actually shooting the puck. About 4 minutes left in the third, White scored. The Wings worked very hard to get another goal, even pulled Conklin. They had many good attempts, but nothing went in for the Wings. The game ended with a 3 to 2 win for Calgary. Shots on goal: 31 for Detroit vs 27 for Calgary.

Both goals in the second period that the Calgary had can be completely blamed on the Red Wings defensemen. The second goal happened all because Kronwall decided to “Kronwall” someone. It is always cool to see him do these intense hits, but he left Stuart to handle a two on one. The only defensemen to help Conklin out with the third goal the Flames made was Lidstrӧm, so yet another two on one for the Wings to face. Conklin is not a great goalie (.889 save percentage, 3.26 goals against average). I will give fault to Conklin for the first goal that was made by the Flames. But, I think that is really the only one that can be pinned on him. The Wings had a very hard time in the first two periods making shots on goal. When a Wings player would get a shot on net, there would be no player in site for a rebound. If Zetterberg would have been there for the rebound in the last couple seconds of the third period, the Wings would have tied the game up.

The problems with the game seem to be endless. What would I pick on most if I had to choose just one problem? The inconsistency and laziness. Sure, it’s rough to play one game after another and keep the same amount of energy. However, the Wings are a pro team. As Babcock has said in the past, they need to play like professionals and this requires bringing "it" every game. The Wings are not going to win ever if they are lazy for the and second period, then wake up in the third period. A proposition: skate really hard the entire game, but especially the first two periods. Make the other team so worn out, hopeless, and unable to catch up with the score in the first two periods and there won’t be much of a game left to play. Just an idea though.

The next game is Monday, December 26 against the Nashville Predators (18-12-4) at 8:00PM. I hope the Wings (21-12-1) can get themselves both mentally and physically in the game to be able to actually play like the Detroit Red Wings we all know. Don’t forget to follow the TCL Red Wings on Facebook and Twitter!


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I did not see the first 2 Calgary goals but I did see the third one and the defensmen did it again, one Calgary player wide open. This is what hurts them the most! Excellent 3rd period, the wings really put the pressure on but just came up short. A lot of close ones though. If they can keep playing like they did in the 3rd period always, they will do well and they know it!

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I love when someone says "they must be tired," isn't the other team as well? Like you said, they're all professionals and this is their job. It isn't and shouldn't be an excuse, and if it is it's a weak one. I saw the last two minutes of the game and I have no idea how Franzen didn't score on that open net. When they get within one after playing terrible and then somehow almost tie it, it leaves a bitter taste for a fan. Where was that push the rest of the game?

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I get tired at my job but I still have to perform or I don't get paid. I would like to see the players have more accountable for the way they play, or should I say the way they don't play. As pros they are paid to produce every game and all game long! This is what the fans pay for and would like to see.

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I totally agree. That is what I expressed in that second to last paragraph. They are pros and are paid a lot of money to play, so they should play hard! Even though I love the Wings and watching them, they are paid to play to entertain people. If you are just being lazy because you are tired, then you are not really entertaining at all.

I agree with you Greg, they need to produce that game style they did in the third period if they want to win. They will always win and be unstoppable if they play with that kind of pressure and not giving the other team goals. Would be nice if they would stop doing that!