Close Match Between Detroit and Chicago

The Detroit Red Wings fall short in a fast-paced game with a 3 to 2 loss against the League-Leaders, the Chicago Blackhawks.

Photo Credit: Detroit Red Wings Official Website

First Period: The first period started very physical between the two teams. We even saw a fight from Bertuzzi and Carcillo. The first goal came after 9 minutes of play to the Red Wings. Abdelkader scored a goal with an assist from Miller. Only 5 minutes later, Toews headed towards the net and the refs made a terrible hooking call to Lidstrӧm, giving Toews a penalty shot. The penalty shot turned into a goal that tied the game. The Wings had their chance on a power play, and then Chicago got theirs because of another Lidstrӧm hooking call. Chicago ended the period on the power play with a 1 to 1 tie with the Red Wings. SOG: Chicago 8 vs Detroit 7.

Second Period: The second period began on Chicago’s power play. The Wings did a good job killing both of the two penalties given in the second period. Right after the power play ended for Chicago, Bertuzzi scored with an assist from Commodore and Ericsson. The Wings were leading 2 to 1. Only two minutes later, previous Wings player Hossa scored to tie the game 2 to 2.  The second period ended on a 2 to 2 tie. SOG: 21 Detroit vs 17 Chicago.

Third Period: After two minutes passed in the third period, Seabrook scored and Chicago took the lead for the first time in the game. The Wings killed a bad interference call to Bertuzzi and then two more penalties after that. The Wings couldn’t catch a break, even with Howard pulled from the net. Chicago won the game 3 to 2. SOG: Tie of 28 for Detroit and Chicago.

Its one thing if the Wings lose and they play poorly. When the Wings play well and lose, it really irritates me. The Wings spent 20% of the game in the penalty box, a total of 12 minutes with 6 penalties. Chicago only had one penalty and the benefit of a bad call for a penalty shot. I really do not feel the Wings had a fair shot at this game.

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FWIW, Babcock said he looked at both goalie interference calls and agreed they were both penalties. Lidstrom's penalty shot hook was a touch soft, but it was still a hook. And he also go away with a hold on Hossa when he split the defense just a minute or two prior to that. Lidstrom's had a BAD 20 minutes in the first period.

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So that accounts for two out of the six penalties we got. We were constantly in the box, which is ridiculous. I would have liked to see us on the ice at full strength. I think we would have had a better chance if the penalties were more even.
Lidstrom made some mistakes, but I have not been told by one person that it was a hook for that penalty shot. Every announcer and every fan agreed. Toews arm only moved because he was trying to deke the shot. It was a bad call.
Wings will hopefully get a better chance next game against Chicago when we have some better reffing.

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First of all, the Wings got called for 5 penalties, not 6. Second, watch the replay, Lidstrom's stick clearly makes contact with Toews' right elbow. Anyone denying that is just being silly. And again, he also got away with a hold on Hossa just moments before that, but no one says anything about that. It was a soft call, but certainly not a bad one. They got called for 5 penalties to the Hawks 2, this isn't something that has never happened before. Speaking of which, why wasn't Bertuzzi given a 2 minute instigator when he went after Carcillo? It was a clean hit. Don't blame the refs, ESPECIALLY since the Hawks went 0-5 on the power play. Good thing is we get 5 more of these matchups. Looking forward to them.

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Okay, go to this site: It shows under penalties that there are clearly six penalties and one penalty shot. Two in the first period (Bertuzzi and Lidstrom), one in the second period (Ericsson), and three in the third period (Bertuzzi, Stuart, and Franzen). So, there was 6 not 5 actually.

I never said his stick doesn't make contact. It does. But, he definitely did not hook it enough to call it as a penalty shot. I am not talking about what they do not call, because refs do miss a lot. I am talking about what they do call and it was clearly a soft call. In many people's opinions, including mine, it was a bad call as well.

I am really looking forward to their other games. They are both very good teams and it is always fun to watch!