Damien Brunner to the Rescue, Red Wings Win in Shootout

Detroit Red Wings have somewhat of a comeback from their last game against the Blues on Saturday night. Safe to call it a victory? We think so.

The Wings started strong. The first period gave a surge of energy to Red Wings fans everywhere. "We have our Wings back" was a common theme across social networking sites tonight. While there were no goals, there was plenty of effort. Both the fight that occurred 3 seconds into the game and the shots on goal being 13 to 5 at the end of the first period were victories to fans.

Brian Lashoff scored his first NHL goal in his first NHL game in the second period, giving the Wings a 1 to 0 lead. Ian White scored the second goal of the game, followed by the Blue Jackets Cam Atkinson. The second period ended with a Wings lead of 2 to 1.

Despite the lead, the Wings were fighting the Blue Jackets the majority of the game. Fighting them with the effort of keeping the puck, shots on goals and in penalty minutes. Both Detroit and Columbus had an equal 3 goals and 10 penalties wracked up by the end of the game. Wisniewski and Prospal both scored on power plays in the third period. The Blue Jackets had a 3 to 2 lead, but not for long. Pavel Datsyuk tied the game up, sending the Wings into overtime and then into a shootout.

Three attempts on the shootout passed before Brunner scored a winning shootout goal. The goal was beautifully flawless as he showed extreme confidence with his deke. Damien Brunner won the game for the Detroit Red Wings... and a win is definitely something we needed.

While the win was an extreme confidence builder to Wing fans and a victory that Red Wings players needed, Wings fans happen to forget that we went into OT and a shootout with arguably one of the worst teams in the league. It was a fight for a 3 to 3 tie against the Blue Jackets, which can be something of concern.

Anything is a victory after the last game the Wings played against the Blues, I will give you that. It was definitely a win for the newbies. Jordin Tootoo looked amazing tonight and as mentioned, so did Brian Lashoff and Damien Brunner.

The next game will be another interesting one; the home opener against the Dallas Stars on Tuesday at 7:30pm. Tune in and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!