Detroit Fans Going Wild After Watching Loss to Minnesota

It is safe to say that the Wings are playing terrible. There is no way to put it besides tonight's game was unbelievably frustrating to watch. It is hard to imagine Minnesota was the team the Wings killed just three weeks ago, winning 5 to 3 with a hat trick from Henrik Zetterberg. Remember that? Tonight was definitely a different story. The Detroit Red Wings lost their third game in a row to the Minnesota Wild.

The game was nothing special. We had two penalities per team, a couple goals and let's call this the entire recap, right? I wish.

The first period was looking good. Damien Brunner tipped on in eight minutes into the first period with assists from the Euro twins (Datsyuk and Zetterberg). The Wings left the period feeling pretty good with 1-0 on the scoreboard and were leading shots on goal 14-8.

The second period was not so pretty. The Wings were lucky to start the period with an effortless goal from Pavel Datsyuk and a 2-0 lead. But after 14 short minutes of the period, Minnesota was in the lead. Within a four minute period, the Wings allowed three goals from Dany Heatley, Jason Zucker and Torrey Mitchell. The second period ended with a 3-2 lead for the Wild.

The third period was just boring. There were no goals and not many shots. Detroit lead shots on goal, 7-5, but it was not much action. Even with an extra player at the end, the Wings could not solidly produce something to score a goal. Detroit lost 3-2 against Minnesota.

The Wings were actually shooting, which the stats prove with a 31-24 lead by Detroit. However, can you name any player, besides the top line, to have more than two shots on goal tonight? It's close to impossible seeing how only three of the players did. Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk and Damien Brunner cannot be the only players scoring goals. There are so many players on the Wings that are just not producing (Cleary had one shot on goal and Filppula literally had zero shots). In order for a team to win, the entire team needs to play. Seems like common sense.

Most Wings fans wouldn't like to hear this just as much as I do not like to say/write it, but this team is just not going to be the team we are used to watching this season. Face it; the Wings lost some of our major talent last season and did not really replace it with equal talent. Don't get me wrong, we have good players, but many of our players are developing. I think realistically the Wings will be lucky to make a playoff appearance this year. I guess we can address that when the time comes.

If you are loyal fans like we are, you will stick by the Wings. When you do, you will see winning streaks like we had a couple games ago (seems like weeks ago, right?). We will be right here to bring you some good hockey discussion until then.

We will be hoping for a better game on Tuesday night when the Detroit Red Wings face the Nashville Predators in Tennesse at 8pm. Follow our Twitter tonight for live discussion of the game and like our Facebook for more Wings coverage.


Brad Butland's picture

What bothers me about all this is that, coming into this season, we KNEW it was going to be tough to hang with the best in the West simply because we had already confirmed we were losing Lidstrom, Stuart, and Holmstrom. Knowing that, I would've though Kenny H would've made more moves just in case anything else came up to rattle us, like...oh, I dunno, INJURIES?? Sure enough, the injury bug bites us hard, and here we are, middle-of-the-road in the West and currently on the outside looking in.

Yes, it's only 15 games in, but we don't have time for this. If we're actually serious about making the playoffs and giving ourselves at least a chance to get even close to the Finals, I say screw the deadline and make the moves you need to make now. Otherwise, management needs to drop the rhetoric and just come out with it: We are a mediocre team this year because we did not do enough before the season started, and that's what we'll be for its remainder. If we make the playoffs in that state, at least we can enjoy the continued streak, but it likely will not be a long run.

Rachel Bellono's picture

I totally agree with you, Brad. I definitely knew it was going to be a bumpy season with the Wings due to all the players we lost, especially Lidstrom. There was no equal replacement players, by that I mean there was not a player that was put in the place of what we lost with equal talent. So, we picked up a few players trying to equal the talent of the one and now injuries come up and our team is in even more trouble.

I doubt very highly we will make a long playoff run if we make an appearance at all. You are right, this is just the team we will see this season. A couple wins here, some more losses there... that will most likely be the remainder of the season. However I think with just a little time, we will be one of the best teams. While having a bunch of young kids that have not seen much time in the NHL is hurting us now, I am hoping not too far from now we will see a really fast, skilled bunch of young players wearing Red and White. All the while, of course, being lead by a few veteran players Smile