Family Man Brad Stuart's Rights Traded

The family man of the Detroit Red Wings has decided to set sail to his home where his wife, two sons, and step-daughter reside in California. Brad Stuart made a decision to better his family by trading his rights to the San Jose Sharks on Sunday.

Stuart has been with the Wings for the past five seasons, joining them back in the 2007-2008 season after a season with the Los Angeles Kings. He has played over 300 games wearing the Red and White winged wheel. Brad, 32, has won one Stanley Cup back in 2008 and played mostly along side Niklas Kronwall. Since his arrival in Detroit, Stuart has made regular visits to spend time with his family. Once the goodbyes with his family started getting harder, Stuart knew it was time for him to make the steps to get back home to California.

Stuart would become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st. With the trade of his right’s, Detroit Red Wings will receive a conditional seventh-round pick in the 2014 NHL amateur draft and also receive forward Andrew Murray. Murray would also become a free agent on July 1st. Andrew Murray, 30, was drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft in the 8th round. He played a total of 29 games with the Sharks last season and only scored once.

First losing captain Nicklas Lidstrӧm and now Brad Stuart has been traded, the Wings will have two major defensemen: Niklas Kronwall and Ian White. However, the Wings also have contracts with Jakub Kindl, Brendan Smith, and unfortunately Jonathan Ericsson. Kyle Quincey will also become a free agent on July 1st. How will the Wings hold a strong defensive front? Do you think the Wings will be in trouble without Stuart and Lidstrӧm?

Brad Stuart will sure be missed on the team and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors!


Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I might be the only one, but stuart was way overrated in my opinion. Before ericsson, there was him. For too long have i watched him cough up the puck, play goalie and score on himself. His first year and a half were ok, but after 09 i had enough. This basically signals big changes are coming defensively

Brad Butland's picture

While I didn't hate Stuie, he was not the defensive wonder some people make him out to be, and he made it very apparent during the series with Nashville that he wanted out: He just quit competing altogether. Wish him the best now that he can put his family woes behind him. Gonna need to be super-aggressive in our D-Man hunt this offseason, though.

Now my question is: Will we bother to try and do something with Murray?

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Not a chance, he' a minor league guy that would be third line in Grand Rapids. To compare, Chris Conner has a better shot next year than him. I think the deal was to let Stuart sign earlier than July 1st and get situated in his new home. The conditional pick is nice but ultimately pointless. Sounds like Holland did him a favour.

Brad Butland's picture

That was my thought as well. Didn't seem like the type of guy that Detroit would put the effort into when he's never really shown promise.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

I think it was because the Sharks are at the contract limit too, so they threw in Murray because they were cutting him loose anyway