Hearts Sink Heavily When Hearing The News Of Legend Johnny Wilson Passing Away

The Detroit Red Wings have had some phenomenal players in their 85 years of existence, even men one may consider a legend. Johnny Wilson, a seasoned player, had the honor of joining the Detroit Red Wings in 1949. It has been announced that Wilson has passed away this Tuesday morning after a battle with lung cancer at the age of 82.  Ron Wilson announced his uncle’s death via Twitter stating that, “My uncle, Johnny Wilson, passed away this morning at 82 yrs. He was a warrior thru & thru, right to the end. Our family will miss him dearly.”

Wilson truly was a legend. He was deemed the NHL iron man of his era because he played a total of 580 consecutive games. Wilson also played with the Chicago Black Hawks, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and retired with New York Rangers. However he will always be a Red Wing at heart.

Johnny Wilson, the brother of former NHL player and coach Larry Wilson and uncle of former NHL players and current coach Ron Wilson, won a total of four Stanley Cups with Red Wings (50, 52, 54, and 55). He played a total of 379 games for the Wings, with 79 goals and 100 assists throughout his Detroit career. He returned to Detroit as coach from 1971 through 1973. Even after Wilson’s coaching days, he always remained active in the Red Wings Alumni team.

It is with great pleasure to honor such a skilled player and with deep sadness to see him go. Johnny Wilson will be missed by many. Don’t forget to follow the TCL Red Wings on Facebook and Twitter!


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Love hearing about history of the players theat were a part of the Red Wings! Thanks Rachel for the news and profile of the late Jonny Wilson.

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It is always cool to learn about the past of the team we all love. Sad to see Wilson go, heart goes out to his family.