Howard Earns 4th Shutout vs St Louis

A beautiful win for the Detroit Red Wings! A 3 to 0 shutout for Jimmy Howard against the Saint Louis Blues to lead Detroit to their 12th home game win.

First Period: The first period was eventful, but not on the scoreboard. The Wings and Blues went through the entire period without scoring. The second penalty the Blues received was to Cole for a rough elbow to Abdelkader’s face. Abdelkader fell, got up and fell again. He appeared listless and headed to the “quiet” room to be evaluated for concussion-like symptoms. The period ended 0 to 0 between the two teams. SOG: Tied at 10 to 10.

Second Period: Started with a great surprise, Abdelkader being back out on ice! It only took seven minutes in the second period for the Red Wings to get a goal up on the scoreboard. After 8 dry games, Franzén scored with an assist from Datsyuk and Kronwall. Great goal with great puck handling on Franzén’s part. Less than a minute later, Abdelkader seemed to prove he was ready to play with a goal assisted by Miller and Cleary. After Abdelkader’s goal, Commodore got into a decent fight. In the last 52 seconds, Hudler scored with an assist from Filppula and Zetterberg. SOG: 27 Detroit vs 20 St Louis

Third Period: The third period was pretty quiet. Detroit had two penalties to kill, both for holding. However, defense was present and no goals were scored. Wings won 3 to 0 over Saint Louis. SOG: Tied at 31.

Detroit leaves the year 2011 with a shutout (Howard’s 4th this season) and 12 straight wins at home. I thought the entire game played really well and I was really happy to see Franzén finally score. I think everyone was very happy to see Abdelkader back in the second. This is his second game in a row with a goal.
As Jimmy Howard said post-game, they got to the neutral zone much more than against Chicago. Great game for Jimmy Howard and great game for the Wings, couldn’t be happier with the results.

Three stars of the night:
#3. Hudler

#2. Abdelkader
#1. Jimmy Howard

Red Wings play Dallas next on January 3rd at 8:00pm. Don’t forget to follow the TCL Red Wings on Facebook and Twitter!


Greg's picture

Nice to see Abdelkader scoring along with his ability to man handle the other teams! Great way to end the year!!

Rachel Bellono's picture

I really am enjoying the baby line, as well. I think Abdelkader still has some developing to do, but he is doing really well. A goal in this game and the one against Chicago. I sure was glad he was alright! We don't need another player out.

Rachel Bellono's picture

Good game for sure, though!

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Cole got three games for his hit on Abdelkader; a fair amount for a hit to the heat. The kid line looks good, too. Really liking Nyquist and Andersson.

Rachel Bellono's picture

Yeah, I saw that he got a three game suspension. I thought that he definitely deserved that. I really am enjoying the baby line too! I think they do really well together too. They are constantly creating opportunities, which is awesome to see!