Red Wings are Overpowered by the Islanders

A rough loss for the Detroit Red Wings against the New York Islanders.

First Period

The Detroit Red Wings were seriously outplayed in the first period. The Wings were not able to capitalize on their first power play. With about two minutes left in the period, Stuart got a two minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a two minute roughing penalty. On that power play, Moulson had a power play goal. The Wings ended on a power play, trailing 1 to 0. SOG: 17 Islanders vs 8 Wings.

Second Period

The second period was dominated in shots by the Wings, but lead in goals by the Islanders. Tavares, Okposo, and Grabner all managed to get wrist shot goals past Conklin during the twenty minute period. The period ended with a 4 to 0 lead for New York. SOG: 10 Wings vs 4 Islanders.

Third Period

It only took a little over two minutes for Abdelkader to finally tip in a goal for the Wings. The goal could not give the Wings momentum to rise above the Islanders. Moulson scored his second goal of the night after 13 minutes of battling in the third period. The Wings fell short 5 to 1 against New York. SOG: 9 Islanders vs 6 Wings. SOG for the entire game: 30 Islanders vs 24 Wings.

As mentioned previously, Conklin was in net for the Wings. Many people were placing blame on Ty for the loss against New York tonight. I personally cannot place all the blame on Conklin. It is true that Conklin is no Howard. However, one cannot forget that the Wings played terrible as a team. The loss makes sense once one assesses the team as a whole. The first period the Islanders outshot the Wings 17 to 8. The Wings did indeed outshoot the Islanders in the second 10 to 4, but that is still not 17 to 8 or more importantly 30 to 24. Not enough shots equal not enough goals and that loses a game.

Do you think the Wings were hurting tonight because they were missing star player Pavel Datsyuk? Can the Wings stay more consistent in the remained of this season?

Next game is against the Phoenix Coyotes (20-17-6) on Thursday at 7:30PM! Don’t forget to follow the TCL Red Wings on Facebook and Twitter!


Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Having Datsyuk in the lineup wouldnt hurt would it lol

Rachel Bellono's picture

I don't think it would have been a bad idea to say the least hahaha!