Strange Game Equals Away Game Win for Wings

The Detroit Red Wings have a strange win against the Dallas Stars, a final score of 5 to 4.

First Period: As usual, the first goal came from the Wings. Zetterberg grabbed a rebound from Hudler but instead of sending it to the net again, he passed it to the open Filppula. Filppula pretty much had an open net. Red Wings were up 1 to 0. The next goal came from the same line; Hudler redirected a shot from Zetterberg into the net. The goal was looked over for review, but there was no kicking motion from Hudler’s redirect. Only 50 seconds later, the Stars’ Eriksson scored their first goal. The period ended positively with another goal scored by the Hudler line with only a minute left! Same as the last goal, Hudler scored with another assist from both Filppula and Zetterberg. Wings left the period with a 3 to 1 lead. SOG: 15 Detroit vs 14 Dallas.

Second Period: Only a minute into the period, Jamie Benn got the first goal in the period taking the score 3 to 2. It wasn’t long before Emmerton scored with an assist from Nyquist and Stuart, giving the Wings another two goal lead. Nyquist received his first official NHL point from this assist, so congrats to him! Seven minutes in, Stars’ Ryder scored what seemed to be something Howard would normally stop. With less than half way in the second, the Wings decided to take their two goal lead back with a goal from Franzén and a beautiful assist from Datsyuk. The Wings ended the period with a 5 to 3 lead. SOG: 23 Detroit vs 21 Dallas.

Third Period: The third period was a not a bad period, but the Wings did not seem to have any drive. This period was definitely the least eventful of the three. It took until the last 6 minutes of the game for anything to happen at all. At this time, Stars’ Ryder scored for the second time this evening. Dallas pulled their goalie with a little over a minute to go. The Wings had chances to shoot on the Stars open net and the Stars had chances to shoot on Howard, but no one could capitalize. The Wings won 5 to 4 against the Dallas Stars. SOG: 31 Detroit vs 29 Dallas.

Definitely not the greatest goal tending on either team, but plenty of goals to make up for it. For the most part, it was a very fast paced game. It was not the best playing by the Wings, but they pulled it off! The Hudler, Filppula, and Zetterberg line did awesome! Played really well together.

Next game is against the Toronto Maple Leafs (19-15-5) on Saturday at 7PM! Don’t forget to follow the TCL Red Wings on Facebook and Twitter!


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How was it strange? They won that game

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Yeah, they won it. I realize that haha.

Many people were commenting on how it was just a weird win. Both goal tenders were not as good as they normally are. It is rare that there is only one penalty in an entire game, especially to the Wings haha. It was awesome, but also rare where one line makes up three of the five goals and gets eight points in the first period alone. It was interesting the way the goals came. There were linesmen that were both injured and hit in the head with a puck, it seemed as if the arena had something against linesmen heads haha. Just a lot of strange things that are more rare to see in games... you know?

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I also thought the Emmerton goal looked more like a Datsyuk type of goal, but still was awesome! Oh and I meant especially for the Wings in the comment above. The Wings normally land more than one penalty in a game.

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I missed the game and enjoyed your recap! Looks like the The Hudler, Filppula, and Zetterberg line is going to continue to do great things for us. What do you think Saturday game will be like?

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Glad you enjoyed the recap, Terrie. Yeah, the Hudler, Filppula, Zetterberg line did amazing last night. They were the best line by far. I think we won't have too much of a problem against Toronto. We are doing much better then them overall during this season. As long as we play well, we shouldn't have a problem.

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put that in the recap next time!