Wings Lose Critical Match Up Vs Chicago

Well, Jimmy Howard was the only star for the Wings in the loss against the Chicago Blackhawks. The original six rivalry between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings continued tonight, but Chicago took the win.

The day started action packed already; Pavel Datsyuk out for two weeks due to knee surgery, Jonathan Toews out with an upper body injury, Kyle Quincey traded to the Wings but not in time to play against Chicago, MacDonald officially the back-up goalie for Detroit, and lastly Jimmy Howard and Danny Cleary back on ice for the Wings. It was safe to say Wings fans were just a little nervous coming into tonight’s game. The Wings were away for the first time in over six games, playing a big rivalry, star player Datsyuk is out, and Howard is back in after almost three weeks out of the game. However, the first ten minutes seemed to calm those worries.

Detroit owned the first ten minutes of the game. Valtteri Filppula scored within the first two minutes of the game on the power play. The Wings were out-skating the Blackhawks, but it seemed after ten minutes the Wings just dropped off mentally. They could not mentally execute anything. The Wings spent the majority of the time in their own zone and had a game full of terrible give-aways. However, being in their own end opens up the window to recognize how well Jimmy Howard played his first game back. He saved 27 of Chicago’s shots on goal. The only two goals Howard let in were in the second and third period by Jimmy Hayes and Marcus Kruger.

So the Wings winning streak will end at six and the Blackhawks winning streak will continue at four after the Red Wings lost 2 to 1 against Chicago. The Wings need to be more consistent to produce offensively. It seems they have a pattern of playing well the first period, not well at all in the second, and trying to come back in the third. What do you think the Wings need to do to change the outcome of tonight’s game for the future?

The Red Wings head back to Detroit to play Vancouver at 7:30PM on Thursday, February 23. Can they continue their home winning streak? Follow TCL Red Wings on Facebook and Twitter for more Wings coverage and to win a free Nicklas Lidstrom jersey!


The Checking Line - Red Wings Edition

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