#Deadwings? Seriously?

The Red Wings are toast. Well, at least according to some hockey fans on Twitter (most of which are Predators fans). With social media playing a prominent role in both analysis and over-exaggerations, every Facebook wall post, tweet, or blog should be taken with a grain of salt. What matters the most is the on ice play.

I'll be the first to admit the Red Wings aren't in the best scenario right now and that they have dug themselves into a hole. It's really frustrating when the opposing goalie stops everything you throw at him and the home team gives up a couple of softies. However, I do not believe the Red Wings are dead in the water. I still have faith they can make this at least a seven game series. Below, you can see the fans who think less of Detroit's resolve:

Not like the Red Wings need any added motivation from this kind of talk, but any fuel added to the fire is a good thing. The Wings just have to look back to last year at what they "achieved", forcing a Game 7 in San Jose after being down 0-3 in the series. It's going to be a major talking point among the fans and the media, but most importantly, the players.
As long as they players believe, that is all that matters. In today's NHL, it has been apparent that teams can mount comebacks of all shapes and sizes. Two years ago, the Flyers did the unthinkable against the Bruins and won the series after being down 0-3. Last year, just as the Wings did to the Sharks, the Blackhawks pushed the Canucks to the brink after losing the first three games.
All it takes is a little momentum, a couple of quick goals in a period would do the Wings wonders (Johan Franzen, anyone?). The Flyers this year have trailed in each of their three games and have managed to pile up three wins. All the pressure is on Nashville, they have an opportunity for the first time in their franchise history to beat Detroit, and beat them early and handily. If it was up to all the hockey fans on social media, this series wouldn't even continue.
But that's not how it works. There is at least one more game to play. Once more chance for the Wings to restore hope. That team that won 23 home games in a row does exist. If this is what it takes for that Wings team to reveal itself, it`s fine with me. They can start by winning Friday night. If that happens, Nashville fans should be scared.
#Deadwings? I don' think so.
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