Team Canada 2014. Red Wings Style.


With Steve Yzerman, Ken Holland, and Mike Babcock (whose selection as coach is inevitable) leading the charge to represent Team Canada at the 2014 Olympics, Team Canada’s front office again has an amazing Red Wings flavour and appeal. Different sports analysts, websites, and networks have been mapping out early predictions as to what the 2014 team might look like. Predicting the line combinations of present and future Canadian NHL All Stars is extremely fun and your imagination can definitely run wild, but how much would it be to think of a team comprised of the best Canadian Red Wings players of all time? (Answer: Very fun). To honour Yzerman and Red Wings management of being given the opportunity to shape Canadian history (again), I’ve taken some time to think up a roster that would get any Red Wings fan piped up. This Team Canada is built like a real NHL hockey team, with legends, all-stars, fan favourites, and fighters riddled throughout the lineup.

Take a look:


Shanahan   Yzerman   Delvecchio 

Lindsey      Abel           Howe

Kocur         Ullman        Probert  

Maltby        Draper       McCarty


Goodfellow    Kelly              

Murphy          Coffey

Bergman        Pronovost




Osgood Coach

Scotty Bowman

Now that you’ve picked your jaw up from off the floor and brought yourself back from childhood, notice the gaudy number of Stanley Cups, All-Star appearances, and great Captains on the team. The top two lines would be able to outscore any opponent, shooting out the lights on any given night. The bottom two lines would obliterate the opposition’s top skill players and lock it down. The team is complete in every way. As I was compiling this team, I realized how privileged Red Wings fans are, the organization's hockey history is unbelieveable. You’d be hard pressed to find this many Hall of Famers, on almost every other organization.

With there being some scepticism and uncertainty regarding whether NHLers will be able to play in 2014, I had great enjoyment thinking about the past and learning more about the players that shaped the Red Wings organization as it stands today. It’s even better knowing that this team was simply limited to Canadians only, and a real legendary team awaits us next January during the Winter Classic festivities.

When the time comes, Stevie will create a team that will seem unstoppable. But for Red Wings fans, the real question is, will any current Red Wings represent Team Canada in 2014?

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